After having my medical which i passed i then had surgery on my knee which i informed the AFCO about. The doctor there declared me medically unfit untill May 09.
I want to go in as an MCD and have just discovered there is a PEDA in May. Would the AFCO be able to sign me up for that PEDA date so that i dont have to wait till October (i think). It would have been a year since my last medical etc and wondered if things ran out that i would need to re sit before being able to attend a PEDA.



War Hero
Evening Jon, sorry to hear of your situation.

The May 09 PEDA will be pretty much fully booked by the time you are passed fit & we cannot book a course until you are certified fit unfortunately.

Currently there is a predicted 18 month wait for Divers to join from passing the Recruiting Test to entry (according to the latest forecast), assuming all elements of selection are passed in succession without delay. There's a large predicted increase in next years recruiting target for MCDs so there may well be extra courses- we don't know yet.

Your Selection Interview is valid for 6 months, your medical up until the age of 30 when passed(assuming you are over 18-minimum age for MCD), PJFT 12 months, security Clearance 12 months and Recruiting Test 3 years. Any expired element will need to be re-taken prior to entry.

Good luck
Thanks for that Ninja. Sounds like im going to have to re-sit pretty much everything other than the test all over again. Would you believe i first took the test in Feb 07. Sounds like it could be 2010 before i get in. But fully determined its the career i want so if i gotta wait then ive gotta wait.


Ninja_Stoker said:
Your Selection Interview is valid for 6 months, your medical up until the age of 30 when passed...
And how long is a medical valid for post 30? I ask because I am 30 and, while I passed my medical in August, have been advised not to anticipate entering the RN until January 2010.
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