FAO Black Rat

Sterling_Stirling said:
This is right up your street old chap.

(Min. Wage x 1.2 = P'nuts) + Central Smoke + Unsociable Hours = Barge Pole

(Mind you, in the smallee print; '..with as much galley-gash as you can eat and sole access to the mine-sweepers and ashtrays'.

So it might just appeal to some other Pongo chappy.)
stan_the_man said:
:roll: fook me I do shite all for £25 an hour fcuk being a civvy steward taking shite off ex grunters :lol:
As BR is the modern day Eli.J.Witney ( Master of quick wit and repartee ) he would put said ex-grunters in their place.
£25 an hour Stan :?: , your hoop must need a lump of 6'' shoring as a butt plug :D
:D Sterling were you the vagrant that banged my arse last week you said you'd had a good day on the gee gees - small cock came quick and stank of piss and talcum powder???
Sterling_Stirling said:
stan_the_man said:
Good Oh want another "appointment" next week sir :D
Rum Rat sez his car is full when he comes up to York to visit his son and have a shesh with me, maybe you could fit in the boot. :D
Stirling I'll have you know I'm at the upper echelon of the bum fcuk brigade however both you and RR are welcome to butfcuk me at a "special" discount but only if one of you is piping the side while the other gives me a rogering :D


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Tempting Sterling, tempting. I can see myself standing at the bar, polishing a glass with a spotless white towel, offering advice to young 'uns while nodding knowingly as old retired Colonel types talk about when it was perfectly acceptable to refer to foreigners as "Blacks" etc and Corporal Punishment was not some unfortunately named pie muncher who worked in the stores. What makes it even more attractive is the proposal from Tuts. What man could refuse such an offer?

Tuts, i accept your offer, but only if you are pure filth.
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