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Indeed,choccy was more valuble than gold to comes from Xocolatl,meaning Bitter water.
andym said:
Jenny_Dabber said:
Little meek me says; England was a Pagan country, the Vikings took in Scotland and part of the midlands and north of England. The south was done over by the Romans aka catholic.

I'll crawl back into my hole, before the Romans and Vikings, we were tree huggers!
I wouldnt say that!The Pagans and Druids were not very nice people.its one of the reasons why Julius wiped out the Sacred Groves and the Druids!Also the romans did get quite far north,Antonine wall?Ring any bells?
The Antonine Wall is between Edinburgh and Glasgow ----the Romans did have a few forts around the Tay but no real presence in the Highlands.

The jocks are probably the most punchy
--------------if they aren't fighting someone else they fight among themselves.

The word kill was derived from the scottish skirt----yur gonna get Kilt
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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The romans made it quite a way into the highlands but thier logistic tail ran out and the scots were on thier own ground which meant that the romans had to fall back to a point which was supportable and defendable which in the end was the Hadrianic Wall. In essence they left the scots to it and said this is where our empire ends, however there is a lot of evidence that points to trade flourishing between either side of the wall........
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