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These islamics think they're pretty hard don't they, going round blowing up unarmed civilians and that.

But who would win if that most terrifying of religions, that of the Vikings, was still around?

Think about it, them old Norse maniacs believed you couldn't go to heaven (Valhalla) unless you died in battle.

If the UK hadn't been Christianised and we were still into painting ourselves with woad and killing each other, what would be happening politics wise now?

And who would win - Vikings or Muslims?


Lantern Swinger
Def the vikings shakey. anyway, i'm off out to the shops to get me a hoofin great axe, and some woad. Oh, and a helmet with some horns on it. :twisted:
Bezerkers, what a breed ! I was hoping after their little crying outburst at the popes speech (Nice one your holiness by the way) that the left footers would kick off on the slims. Spent most of the eighties trying not to be blown up by them whilst doing christmas shopping in London now the rags are causing the same nause.
Common thread here? skulking in the shadows preying on women and kids..... vermin.
If highlander and braveheart are to be believed, the jocks were fairly fearsome back in the day as well.


Lantern Swinger
If we were in that situation would eric the red be electable to new labour as his name sounds too much like its fundamental roots of rob from the rich and spend it on themselves rather than the new labour creed of rob from everyone and give to ourselves


War Hero
Who gives a shit about the politics what about all those blonde haired norse women we are missing out on...!!

Come back come back all is forgiven!



Lantern Swinger
now your talkin, lets just row across the north sea, run into the nearest town, grab a couple, sling 'em over our shoulders and get them to row us back across the north sea, where we can sit down and have tea and sticky's. 8O


War Hero
Maybe we need to start a cross breeding programme to produce the super soldier for the future of the War on Terror. 8)

Can you buy woad in bulk? :roll:



War Hero
Imagine the training...!!..

1) Throwing axes, swords and shields now standard equipment to replace batons on the gangway
2) Ransacking and Pillaging to replace SPO..!!
3) Every one can grow a bit set without a request form..!
4) Viking long boats to be included in the MISC boats course
5) Horns fitted to Kevlar helmets with horn size to designate rank...small JR's, Big SR's, bent ones Officers...!!

And as for berzerkers...I think the RN and RNR already have loads judging by some of the crackpots you come across expecially on here!!! :twisted:


War Hero
There seems to be a prediliction for Horned Helmets.Not wanting to piss in your bonfire,they never ever had horned helmets.This was a romantic ideal of the Victorians.On another hand,the Byzantines knew who to employ as the Emperoros body guard,the were the Varangian Guard,all Vikings and mercenaries.Very evil people!