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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by toycommandos, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Thanks for this TC. Great movie. Vincint D'onofrio was brilliant as Pvt Pyle. Made me cry when he kept getting beasted, but he scared the c**p out of me before he shot himself!! ^_^;
  2. Ooh, he looked proper mad, didn't he! [​IMG]
    Good actor, but can't say i've seen him in anything since though [​IMG]
  3. He played the big monster thing at the end of Men in Black I think. Otherwise, the only other time I have seen him is in 'Law & Order:Criminal Intent' on the telly.
  4. Lamri, he plays Detective Robert Goren in Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Very good character he is too. Very cerebal and a kind of cross between Sherlock Holmes and Columbo with a distinct hint of menace.
  5. Shame that, seems a waste of talent to me :(
  6. I with Harry on this one. It is a good character. It's on at 2200, Channel 5 tonight Lamri. Check it out mate!
  7. Ooh ta guys!
    Never seen it, i'll give it a go :)
  8. I did my last Stab course at ATR Basingbourne (sp?), where they filmed the basic training scenes for the film.

    The assault course is long gone, no one shot themselves and none of us were sent to Vietnam. Apart from that it was exactly like the film. :rambo:
  9. lamri, you have to remind yourself: the boot camp portion is a comedy, not a tragedy.
  10. I love that film! It's full of great frases all through.
  11. I have to admit JH that the first part of the film is my favourite mate :)
  12. He also played the bad guy in The Cell pretty eerie, I prefer watching him in movies as I think he's crap on Law & Order,but then again anything but the original series is crap..;-)
  13. The second part of the movie was filmed at Battersea power station, excellant scenes and made to look like VN. If you look carefully, you can see the RN blacked out on the Wessex 5 that is used during the film in Hue?
    Great film though. Lee J Ermey, superb as Gunny.
  14. i remember my buddies who did boot camp at Parris Island savagely lashing the boot camp scenes, saying "it doesn't look like that!".

    gave us all a good chuckle; of course they couldn't stop training to let them film lol
  15. I thought Tigerland looked authentic..
  16. FMJ has to be in my top 5 films.

    Never met a Brit GI (Army or RN) who comes close to 'gunny'. A few scary / funny ones, but they all seemed like poor copies.

    (FFS don't tell Msg).
  17. scary thing ss, is that the Gunny has many, many clones in the US.

    USMC Drill Instructors all have three things in common: can shout for hours, make you feel all of three inches tall at times, and have a sense of the theatric.

    For further evidence, look up

    ears, open. eyeballs, click.

    on youtube.
  18. Here you go JH, Just for you mate ;)


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