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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by montfish, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Just been thinking about a recent item i read on Unit Daily Orders

    "No rank is permitted to proceed on a run ashore in fancy dress. Disciplinary action will be taken against those caught doing so"

    Now, in my mind is whoever wrote this treading a thin line towards a switched on bloke (not me) using this to his advantage?

    I mean lets face it, the most obvious and time honoured 'silly rig' is that of the female persuasion, whether it be naughty nurse or sexy schoolgirl etc.

    Could it be argued that:-
    should an induvidual be more inclined towards 'transvestitism' seeing this as a natural part of his life be being discriminated towards his lifestyle choices?

    Or is it just a blatant disregard to human rights as in the mentality 'i can wear whatever i want after working hours, and if i chose to dress as a comedy pimp 24/7 then so be it'?

    Not looking to stir a hornets nest so pedantic old fcukers stand down

    Just curious (not in the transvestity way)

    Any thoughts?
  2. I see your point. However, it'd still be a direct diss would it not?
  3. How so?

    Without sounding like i am ranting, i am a 28yr old married bloke. If my next door neighbour (civvy) invites me over for a fancy dress party at his house (i wouldn't go in real life - he's a cnut) and an impromptu decision is made to continue into town, am i not allowed to go, or do i have to make my excuses, get into civvies and then proceed? Or, if a senior pussers bloke happens to be ashore at the same time and pings me because of my chad tats, am i going to be debriefed in front of my missus and friends?

    Also, what exactly constitutes 'fancy dress'???

    I am just surmising that it is not a particularly well thought out addition to DRO's
  4. You can also be refused shore leave for having gash civvys. Ie ripped jeans, slogan T-shirts etc. AlfaCharlie was never allowed ashore due to his howling rig.

    "You're representing your service at all times, don't dress like a cunt."

    Someone needs to have a word with PWO students if that is to be universally applied.
  5. If dressing up as a lady is a llowed as part of an alternate lifestyle, surely amusing pimperism could be classed as a 'lifestyle choice'?

    If a hoodie chav can get away with claiming to be a Jedi then anything is possible.

    Seriously though, I assume by the use of the word 'rank' that this particular ruling applies to Officers only?

    Is this an item from the traditional rules or was it in reference to a particular event?

    It can't be a particularly strongly enforced rule, especially where charity is involved.

    (The day Chinos are classed as Fancy Dress is the day the wardroom implodes)

    by the way, I am working from a particularly slow computer at work so if any of those questions have been answered in other posts then I apologise.
  6. MLP as a nod/recruit yes, but my gash/driving home rig usually consists of flip flops, cut off yank dpm shorts and a rugby top.

    Don't get me wrong, when i am in rig, i take pride in my turnout, and i like to dress in decent clobber when ashore, however i still think that the paragraph mentioned on DROs does leave pusser massively open to comebacks
  7. No probs for the Lusty boys :lol: :lol: [​IMG]
  8. It's the same on ships mate. I've seen SNCO's told to fuck off back down the mess and change for having chad rig.
  9. Although I've gone ashore with the rest of the non duty ships company all dress in fancy dress before though.

    Here is some of the efforts

  10. Might be howling up the wrong tree here, but I would interpret that to mean that you can't go over the brow or through a main gate in fancy dress! Which to a degree I can understand, especially on foreign runs, but if you are RA then whats it got to do with anyone what rig your are in on a run inyour home town?

    I remember the first time the Rocky Horror show came to Portsmouth, the long line of burberry clad matelots walking out of the main gate at Nelson wearing basques and stockings underneath, think I was about 5th in line. Whoever wrote that little ditty would have had a field day.
  11. Fair one. This is the situation that i could see happening (not that i want it to)

    Bloke reads DROs sees a loophole.

    Bloke walks out of the gate every evening dressed as a chick for 2 weeks

    Bloke gets pinged and reported to RSM

    RSM puts his sad face on and pings bloke for extra duties

    Bloke goes happy days, goes to suitable lawyer and puts in claim for discrimination based on sexual preferences

    Bloke gets massive payout

    Pusser looks like a cnut in the next days papers
  12. Looks like you have a plan! :lol:
  13. Considering you lot have been mincing about in gash, comedic uniform for all these years I am somewhat surprised you are so desperate to continue dressing like cunts on your runs ashore.
  14. I just like the way the silk feels against my that so wrong?

    The red lipstick and wig are traditional round my way and is entirely a coincidence....and the dress.

    Also handbags are merely practical
  15. The same as yours?
  16. Negative ghostrider, i like my career!
  17. Hey, I'm not here to demonstrate flawless logic. :D
  18. Normally at Fancy dress does I find it easier to stick my nudger in my ear and go as a petrol pump!
    Hope this helps.
  19. You aren't sticking any form of nudger near my ear, so no.
  20. My view, it's a bootneck's right, wrong, duty to wear fancy dress; it's in the book of unwritten rules alongside dripping, double duffing, spinning dits and putting rocks and a tub of lard in your oppo's bergan.

    Obviously somebody f~~ked up to result in this gem featuring on the hit parade that is DROs; now that's a dit I'd like to hear...

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