Fancy a weekend 'up the smoke'


War Hero
Accomodation for all those self effacing politicians who claim exhorbitent rates for "accommodation" in the Smoke.
Could easily squeeze 600 into that space, all our MP's could be backpackers rates. What a saving.


War Hero
Picked up my hook and my first badge there, 3 hours late cos the train broke down. Marched in, 3 Ringer sitting there in a shirt sleeve order "Take your hat off" me nearly shit my self cos it aint my fault , got a chit signed at Paddington.
"Sit down" me very confused, tea and biccies, the start of a wonderful run ashore.


War Hero
Whitehall wireless in '65............then Commcen Whitehall in '71......refreshments in the Silver Cross....happy days.


War Hero
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I'm in London next Thursday with Mrs Wrecks, might go and see what the neighbourhoods like before I commit, I've heard there's some dodgy characters at the end of the road.


War Hero
GYA. Lots of Lodging allowance and a rather dodgy flat in Kilburn not far from a pub called Biddy Mulligans.
Worked UK Ratt Ship-Shore, B13A, TARE and every-bloody-place else down that hole in the ground. Also
spent a couple of nights in a room with bars on the windows and plenty-time surviving lock-ins over the
road in old Old Shades with Miss Fiona Richmond and a load of luvvies who were doing their bit in the
Whitehall Theatre. Fiona parked her pink E-Type Jag outside Commcen Whitehalls back door....number
plate was FU2.

Enjoyed London - won't be the same now, and I 'aint been there in decades.



War Hero
If memory was Paul Raymond who had FU2 on his roller outside commcen whitehall's back door....
he may have given it to Fiona............we would all have loved to give Fiona one.................
'ang on.......back door..... Fiona.....given one...........Fraudian slip...........oh bollox !
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