Fancy a pint ?......

Montigny_La_Palisse said:
2_deck_dash said:
The bottom phot is of a pub named after Mrs 2_Deck's family.

I take it this is in Cumbria?

And yes I do fancy a pint, good idea.
2DD, Cumbrian Lowther's? I know them. Is she related to Charles Lowther?

Back on thread:

Noooo! Not Jennings!

It's a fcuking disaster.
i we got two Jennings barrels washed up on shore like free beer cant beat it. :D :D
One remembers one does in the old town and the new bypass the local pub had to be demolished, there was holy hell. It was saved :D

The local hospital was next on the list not a word anyplace 8O .

Piss Head Town!!!!


Lantern Swinger
The highlight of the floods for me was watching the news with the woman in the corner that does the sign language for the deaf. How wonderful that Cockermouth was mentioned so much. !!!
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