Fancy a ciggy? If your Charles Kenneddy then light up

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. It's not like smoking on trains has just been banned from July 1st - it's been banned for quite some time. Shows how much he's used public transport recently.
  2. Mr Kennedy did not, repeat not, smoke on a train. He lit up on the platform at Plymouth, an uncovered platform at that. The law is, however, very specific and says that platforms, covered and uncovered, are non smoking areas. Give the poor sod a chance!
  3. Apparently he was puffing it out of the window at the door.

    As bad as the ciggie brigade standing in the doorway of the pub with the wind blowing inwards.

    Us super fit athletes do not like this! Cough! Cough!
  4. I have to tell you again he did not smoke on a train. The initial report was wrong! BBC Spotlight from Plymouth gave the correct version at 1840 this evening.
  5. Reckon they should put it in writing then!
  6. He should have the fire hose turned on him for setting a bad example to the public! Disgusting habit!
  7. I smoke, who`s going to stop me? and by the the way, none of you males have ever given birth to a child,, so FUCK OFF.
  8. So do I (smoke that is, not given birth to a child) so fuck off you none smokers!!
  9. Sorry Stripey that should be non.
  10. You are correct Hig.....may I be damned forever.. :thumright:
  11. He was probably steaming
  12. Has Charlie Kennedy ever given birth to a baby?

    Lots of matelots have given birth to enormous turds, does this count?
  13. A Pisshead AND a Tabber!
    Bring him back and i'll vote LibDem ;)
  14. Higs, has a pregnant person, probably a LADY (although these days, with miracles of science being unveiled everyday, who can tell?) got up your nose. You seem to mention that you've never dropped a sprog in every post these days, please feel free to get one of those little time scale thingies for your signature telling us all how long it has been that you haven't given birth (69 years and counting?) or you could get one to say how long it's been since the 'French incident' as it is known in the Foreign Office.
    I'm trying to get one so that I can gob off about how long it's been since I've been off the fags, but no luck yet.
  15. I smoked once, but I'd like it on record that I didn't inhale!

    (Thought I'd clear that up in case I ever decide to go into politics)

    :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :afro:
  16. Bet you've shagged a french bird though
  17. Its ironic that there are posts demonising smoking, There was a time that Jack was never seen minus a packet of blueliners or DFs.The old saying that the Navy ran on Rum ,Bum and Baccy might need ammending as they stopped the Tot in my day but surely in todays more tolerant ( but not better) society some habits must still linger!
  18. Are you saying that as there is no Rum and no smoking,that it now runs on Bum?, Of course they are legal now, what goes round comes round as me Grannie used to say. :whew:
  19. Could be,
    Many things have changed since I bought myself out in 72

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