Fancy a bike??? 'Beachcombers' in Action.

Re: Fancy a bike??? Westos at it again !!!


Difference between a Westo and a Janner, possibly. A Janner would probably have "encouraged" the wreck. I'm sure you'd love one of those R 1200 RTs (I think) throbbing between your legs!


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Re: Fancy a bike??? Westos at it again !!!

andym said:
They are now threatening salvers with Prosecution!!!!!!!!

Andy note the term threatening, they are also advising people to stay away. The Law is actually fairly clear on all this and they know it all too well which is why the company are trying to scare people away by employing their own security guards and salvagers. What ever you get just make sure that you file your salvage with Customs and Excise otherwise you will lose your salvage rights, provided your finds are registered there is a good chance the goods will be recognised as yours, if you had not recovered them they would have been destroyed is the argument I believe. I am not a lawyer though!!! A couple of my mates live down there and have contacted a solicitor, just to check you understand!
Re: Fancy a bike??? Westos at it again !!!

Greedy chav scroates ! I would think most decent folk wouldn't have the neck to rooting through someone elses stuff like a bunch of third world looters.
Disgusting behaviour, shame on them.
Re: Fancy a bike??? Westos at it again !!!

I am sure you can imagine, I am no stranger to picking up bitches on the beaches, hmmm now that's my kind of trash

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