Famous/successful ex-Royal Navy people

The Master in Dr.Who was an ex-Joss who became bitter and twisted and joined with the forces of evil (and the darleks) to conquer the whole of humanity, and not just matelots! :sad: :lol:


It was Les Maguire - Chief Tiff last seen at Forest Moor - from Gerry and the Pacemakers

Actually, he WAS called Les but he wasn't from MUD or the Bay City Rollers - he was the pianist with Gerry and the Pacemakers in the 1960's. I met him in Collingwood in the early 1970's and when I said I couldn't think where I'd seen him before - he put me right! Can't remember his second name though. He played cornet, I think, in Collingwood band and by all accounts was one good musician.

I think this thread has been run previously but;

Duncan Bannatyne (dragons den, million pound give away).
Raised in the town of Clydebank and from a relatively poor family, Bannatyne joined the Royal Navy where he served several years before receiving a dishonorable discharge for attempting to throw an officer off a vessel. In his biography he claims this was in part a reaction to this officer's abuse of his authority, in part a dare, and in part a way of getting out of the Navy, with which he had become disillusioned. After the incident he had to serve 9 months in a military detention centre before being discharged .

Anyone know any others who made it big?
My little sis is the exec producer on dragons den and she has asked Duncan if he would do us the honour of becoming an honorary member of our RNA Branch, he is considering it however the fact that he was booted out may be a stumbling block, personally not legally

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The ginger bird who is currently at number 1 with that shite Hideaway song used to be in the Canadian Navy apparently.


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Charles Windsor, organic farmer and heir to the throne was once in the RN. I think he may have been an officer......


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Does infamous count?

Len Wincott, ringleader in the Invergordon mutiny. Died as a defector in the Soviet union in 1983.


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I meant a working one, not some gold braided ornament.
It amazes me ( or maybe it doesn't ) that so called servicemen/women don't get the relationship between HM Armed Forces and the Crown.

As King, Charles will be our Commander -in - Chief. Get used to it. He'll be laced for Admiral of the Fleet whether we have one or not. Get used to it or fcuk off.

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