"Famous" Picture


Lantern Swinger
Im looking for the famous picture of a guy (I know who he is as I used to have to work with him) running with a GPMG. Apperantely someone had switched gravity on and the body of the weapon started travelling earthward (into a bog) and the guy was left with the carry handle in his grubby mit. I have heard tell it may be on 846's web site but I cant find it. If anyone knows where it is or has a copy it would be gratefully recieved, as I need a smile today.


Lantern Swinger
i know there is one in the albums kept in the weapons section at sultan daedalus building at sultan. or at least there used to be T H the fat whale HA HA HA
Ah, Mr. exWasp L2. In the mob for half a dog watch and traded on the fact ever since.

Still got your nose up your boss's arse?
Got a copy? Of course I have, who the f*ck do you think gave the photo to Buzz Hornet?

Handbags, a feather duster is more appropriate in this instance.