Famous Naval Charactors From the Recent Era

Hi Everybody,

This is my first posting on this illustrious board, please let me tell you right from the start I have never been in the Andrew but my Father was an I always remember having close ties and memeries of many naval charactors, shore establishments and ships.

If I post unwisely please forgive me but it will be from lack of experience on this board rather than any ill intent.

Anyway what made me make a post is that other than the obituaries there seems to be very few postings about some of the recent modern naval charactors so I thought I would start a thread.

I guess the largest full of life Naval Officer I had the privilage of meeting was the Late Frank Trickey, by all accounts he was a forces to be reconned with but also a much loved charactor by many.

My Dad says this is the guy who organised all the Cerimonial for Lord Louis Funeral.

I remember him as being a great bear of a guy in a Naval Commanders uniform but the guy had a heart as big as a bucket and looked after his men.

Anyone any memories of this guy and perhaps you would like to post about your own charactors that were larger than life.
I can remember him as a commisioned gunnery officer when I was man Art App at Fisgard 1953 or Collingwood 54 -56. He was a giant of a man and scared the shit out of us art apps
Buccaneer said:
Come guiys there must be more memories of this guy, or other infamous people - share you experiences and knowledge
Problem is that many of the infamous guys are still alive. Rum Ration has a policy of not using names unless the named person agrees.
Sorry about that I did not know but there's no problem with Uncle Frank then God Blees him. I am sure there a lot of people whome we would like to remember that have gone to a better place
Cdr Frank Trickey God bless Him,was my instructor at Osprey when I did an IM course as a subby with the Sea Cadets.
He was an absolute gent and had a wonderful sense of humour.
I met my old DO in the wardroom one lunchtime and we ended up having a DTS.Frank dragged me out back to the classroom before we got too loaded.
I was very sad to see that he died so soon after he retired.
A man a legend in his own lifetime,I heard he was rather rude to a WO in the army during Churchills funeral (I think it was that).Telling him to FO from the end of the Mall in his normal booming voice and the WO saying 'FO yes sir straight away sir' or words to that effect.

LtCDR Gaymer-Durham is another one who springs to mind from Ganges and the field gun run.
Bucs, I first came across Frank in 1957. He was doing a "G" course at Whale Island. He was stood on top of an air raid shelter taking Battalion drill wearing a respirator! Prior to getting commissioned I seem to remember he was a Killick GI.

Years later he was CO of the TRV Wakeful and he was invited to an RPC on Eskimo. I was duty PO and as he marched down the jetty the side was manned, calls at the ready. Frank stepped onboard with a booming request, "No ceremonial!"

I last saw the great man in Birmingham in the 80s. I was CGI in Vernon and was attached to TS Vernon in Brum. He was RN officer for Sea Cadets and was carrying out my units Admiralty inspection. As he inspected the front row of the guard, I was stood just in his eye line. He nodded in recognition and said "This will cost you a few pints later!" It did, but we swung a few lamps and swopped dits. In fact I seem to remember that his class of Subs used to go ashore on an old Dennis fire engine.

I am sure he is still pounding that great parade ground in the sky, God Bless him.

Semper Strenuissima
Like many I have fond memories of Frank who was the Parade Gunner during my time at BRNC. One of his pastimes was during divisions to identify some miscreant in the ranks and nstruct the divisional GI to take the name of number X in Rank Y. One day he did this and the GI dutifuly ran up the appropriate rank counting with his pace stick and ran out of cadets before reaching the number specified by Frank. The system was blown we now knew he just guessed. Mind you we still were in awe of the man. He had an impish sense of humour, and always sent a message to our reunion dinners. I am sure the angels now understand their parade drill perfectly, and divisins are now held properly.


Lantern Swinger
Known to many was “Shovel Faceâ€, the gunnery officer at Collingwood for many a year. I’ve no idea what his real name was. He was able to instil fear in the hearts of grown men. Heaven help you if you didn’t salute him from across the parade ground.

Anyone remember 'tick tock' the stoker PO 'GI' from 'Sultan' back in the 60's? Ruled 'Sultan' with an iron rod - even real GI's were scared of him!! and apparantly he never left 'Sultan' (too many people looking for him)!!

I remember being in 'Sultan' on a 'paintsprayers' course (real name something like Ships Husbandry) and being warned NOT to go anywhere near the armoury (because this worthy ruled) - we being a squad of 'sailors' were not having any of this stoker stuff and so marched past the armoury - God how we wished we hadn't!!!

Wonder what happened to the guy? Probably meekly selling cabbages somewhere, with nobody having a clue who they had in their midst!! Lucky people!
I suppose that Tom Wilkinson of Sailor fame would qualify.
Everybody fears the Joss man but Uncle Tom was known as being firm and firm.
Ted Briggs Junior Bunting Tosser to Lt. via being one of three survivors from HMS Hood. An Officer, Gentleman and all round good egg. He was the Squadron Comms officer on my first ship, Loch Killisport. He never forgot his Lower Deck roots.

"Tick Tock" was a wicked bastard and pretty universally disliked. He could be very pleasant however in the SR's Mess if some grovelling little shite was buying. I remember hearing that after he retired, a bunch of badasses from Sultan cought up with him and beat him up badly. He didn't deserve that.
Fleet Chief MEM 'Dan' Dare on Hermes '76-'78. Scary guy at first but if you proved yourself to him he'd look after you. Told me I'd never be an MEM1 as long as my arse looked downwards - three years later I proved him wrong!
There used to be GI at Collingrad called Broken Wing.He used to tell himself off in front of the mirror every morning outside the GI's hut for being sloppy etc.
Apparently he also told the pigeons to dress off on the parade ground shed roof.And they did.

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