Discussion in 'Submariners' started by oneballofwimbledon, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. i was wondering how often you get to see your family when you are a qualified submariner not on deployment?
  2. every night you are not duty
  3. thankyou, what hours do you work during the week? and also do you get weekends off?
  4. working day finishes at 4pm...but sometimes you can finish earlier...weekends are only worked if you are duty

  5. Assuming u actually live somewhere near your home base. To ensure you get posted to your desired base always, always specify a base in a different country on your dream sheet :D :D
  6. Really!!
  7. Come on Polycell! You must remember all that time off and overtime money you got 'cash in hand' when you had to work after 4 (1600 I assume, not 0400!) and working weekends 'cos it needed to be done! :roll:
  8. Yer right Dave!!
    Perisher running from Arran up at half four in the morning to have the boat ready for six pick up the Perishers off out for the day getting alongside or to anchor at half nine at night. Work on the kit cos the bloody 'ping bosuns' had broke the 187, again!!
    Or race back to Faslane on one donk cos the Port donk had gone AWOL and spend the weekend in NTD fixing the 2007 cos the 'ping bosuns' had broke that as well!!
    Over time was worth the aggro though!!! time and a half after 16:00 double time weekends!

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