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Info on Former CPO Jackie McKew please.
Hi all,
I'm helping my father-in-law with some family tree research. Jackie McKey (once a Chief, but possibly finished higher up or lower down) is the man we're after. All I know is that he once worked in Faslane and also did some AFCO time towards the end of his time (prob a 22 man). I'll post again with any other info that comes my way.
1974 - He was working in Glasgow AFCO .
Spent some of time between 1952 and 1974 in Faslane
Full name William John McKew (known as Jackie)
born 1931 in Glasgow so if alive he's 88.

So, has anybody going any info at all?? Any bells ringing.
Paddy O'C (ex-PO (SM))
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