Family member discharged.

I can only assume my last post was deleted. I have only asked if my family member will be allowed to rejoin after his three year tri service ban. This was a dishonourable discharge and not medical. Just a yes or no answer will be sufficient, seems people are quite sensitive when this type of question is asked. Realistically does anyone know or has heard of anyone else being kicked out of basic training with a ban, getting to rejoin? Someone said there are AFCOs on here so am hoping they can help?? Any help please, or do I have to look elsewhere? If so can anyone point me in the right direction?
Certainly looks like it was deleted, Ninja Stoker had replied that he would be able to re-apply in accordance with the information he was given at discharge, he did give a little more advice, but I am a little the worse for wear today, and it did not sink in to my alcohol fuddled brain


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Yep, as stated, before it vapourised, if the letter indicates the individual may re-apply in x years, they may re-apply in competition with all other applicants.

If discharged under a disciplinary category, once approval is granted, the AFCO would be looking for evidence of reform.

The thing the individual may wish to consider, if completely innocent, is whether you'd want to work for an employer that sacked you for a misdemeanour you may consider trivial or unsubstantiated.
Thank you all very much, yes as much as we are not fussed for him rejoining, he absolutely loved it and does wish to go back. I just wanted to do some background before it was decided if we would Perdue a formal complaint. If he can get to rejoin then we will leave it as we don't want to cause any friction. Thank you all for the advice...
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