Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. So much for all the do gooders who say send the scum into the armed forces.
  2. I notice that he was actually given an indeterminant sentence but MAY be released on PAROLE after serving a MINIMUM of two years.Now lets translate that out of Mirrorspeak into English. He must serve at least two years before he can apply to heard by a Parole Board. Even if he satisfies the Board, he will be released on license. If he breaks the conditions of his parole he will be back inside.
  3. Just think the sooner he is out the sooner you can have a friendly chat.

    The good Lord said turn the other cheek we must welcome into our open arms all sinners.

    We often thought about this when our widowed mother was in her elderly years about the welcome we would give if anything drastic such as this story would befall her.

    I think if the assailant was handed over to the tender loving care of the family affected the crime rate would surely drop overnight. Well it would not be repeated for a while. If ever!
  4. Upping the punishment either by the family or in prison will make little difference to the incidence of this type of crime, they do it because they have found that a little violence ensures they get away with it. This scrote thought he would get away with it the possible punishment never entered his head. The answer to crime reduction is ensuring they get convicted. Violence is more and more being used by petty criminals as a route to persuading witnesses to not testify or even give statements to the plod.

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