Family Activities on base

hi guys,
I remember when I was a nipper I used to go upto 45 with my mate and his corporal dad.
We got to go to boxing tournaments, vist open days, piss around with the LMGs and wear bullet belts and pretend we were rambo, sit in 4 tonners and what not.

Im sure, as he was the son of a Royal, that he also got to do Skiing on the slope as well as boxing and football and things like that.

Is it still the same in service these days?
Are there many family activities on base?

My interview is next week and being part of the marine community and the activities my family can take part in and share with me when im on base is quite important to me as I want them to share in as much of the Royal way as possible.
If im good enough to pass can my family use the gym etc and get involved if im away on ex or deployment?

If I get to my chosen base I would be staying off base as we own a house just up the road.
If I get put down south the family wont be coming with me so its not too much of an issue but I still want them to be (and they do too) involved at our local unit so they can meet likeminded families when im away.
Could they still get use of 45 if im attached to 40 or elsewhere?
I think HIVE shut down in Arbroath so totally unsure of the above.

Cheers fellas.

On a side note, can you sign your mates in for a round on the golf course and a £1.10 a pint night on the lash!?
Thanks for that Deano.
I dont have a sister but I can happily extend that offer to my friend Grant who I am sure would be more than happy to come round and have a good root round your base and check out your guns.


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