Familial hyperlipidemia

My son is 15 years old, 6ft tall, a hard hitting rugby player and can run 5 miles sub 40 mins. He has wanted to join the Navy since he was 8.
However, a recent blood test have revealed his LP(a) levels to be slightly high. As this is a genetic defect, which can't be altered by diet or exercise, I'm feeling guilty that i've allowed him to believe he can achieve his career aspirations.
Having looked at JSP 950, the advice given to the med teams seems slightly confusing. The above condition should be graded P8 but the next sentence talks about controlling the condition with medication and if successful, the individual can be graded P2.
I'm just wondering if anyone out there has any knowledge on this subject or if anyone's joined recently with high LP(a) or high cholesterol?
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As ever, the only person able to give definitive advice in this specialist area is a qualified service medical examiner. I'd be wary of comparing notes with other applicants because there is a danger of giving an overly positive or negative expectation.

The rough rule of thumb is that the majority of conditions must be free from prescribed medication however there are exceptions for certain specific conditions. Whether this applies in this case I'm not qualified to say.

My advice? He should register an online expression of interest in the strict understanding that there is no guarantee of a positive outcome. Once the expression of interest is registered, he should write to the AFCO with a copy of his medical records detailing the specific diagnosis and treatment details and request his circumstances are reviewed by the Service Entry Medical Cell (SEMC) to determine medical suitability for service.

Whilst you can draft the letter, it is important that he must sign it as it relates to his personal medical records, regardless of age. SEMC are pretty good and can usually give definitive guidance within 4 weeks.

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I don't think there are any medical professionals on here, best to check with a recruiter, as medical issues would be a case by case issue as everyone is different, the final say is with the naval medical board?
@Ninja_Stoker I noticed as I posted you were already on the case, are you supposed to be on holiday?
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Hello, would you mind me asking if your son successfully joined the Royal Navy? I am in the process of appealing my medical as I too have Familial Hyperlipdemia.

Thank you.