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False suicidal thoughts on GP records?


Hi, I haven't made an application for the Royal Marines yet, but 6 years ago when I was 14 I had some doubt over something reasonable, so I wanted to put my doubt at rest so I wanted to see a professional who could give reasons as to why my doubt wasn't justified I wanted a certain answer from them to stop myself from worrying. It would be weeks before I would see them so I stupidly went to A and E and said I wanted to see someone, I was afraid of being turned away as it wasn't an emergency so to avoid this I told a 'white lie' which was I felt suicidal so they let me see someone. I never thought it was a big deal with any serious repercussions, it's impossible to prove I didn't feel suicidal as I said I did say I felt like that and know one can get into my skull to see exactly what I thought at that time. Only I know what I felt but can't physically prove what I thought at that time, I know I wasn't feeling suicidal but those words slipped out of my mouth. The professionals only based their judgment based on what I was telling them and nothing else. So my question is

How can I medically disprove something which had no evidence to begin with, will the Marines say automatically no to my application or would they base their decision on what they believe and not only on solid medical evidence?

I could have spoken to anyone else other than a professional but I said to my self professionals know more even though the subject I wanted to discuss was not medical. So if I could say that to myself 'the professionals answer is more correct' then my doubt about what I was worried about would go away completely as I would think ' oh if the professionals say I shouldn't be worried then I won't worry as professionals know best' even though I knew professionals were no experts on the topic matter I was worried about. Still thinking like that helped me psychologically. I wasn't severely upset but I wanted to avoid worrying about something as I wanted the best summer. I was trying to find any means possible to get rid of the doubt which made me have a false rationalisation by saying the professionals know the answer to my worry.
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Only a service health professional can give definitive medical advice once in posession of the full facts regarding your medical history.

Medical records cannot be erased or edited retrospectively but they can be added to. Medical suitability will be determined by scrutinising the history - if it was a one off incidence, rapidly resolved with no ongoing treatment/therapy/medication or recurrence for several years and no repeat incidents of self harm, it should not present a significant issue.

JSP 950, Section 4 annex L covers the medical standards with regard mental health issues:

Best of luck.
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