False promises

Is it ever going to happen?? Been waiting since June 2010, told I'd be in by Xmas last year didn't happen. Now told I'll be in by august but no official date yet, another blag?? If people are getting dates for dec 2012 already then I've got no chance of getting mine any earlier then that am I?
It depends what branch you're aiming for as to the numbers this/next financial year (changes on 1 Apr). As a general rule, the waiting times are dropping as many folk are not continuing with their application. Your AFCO should be able to give you an idea of the wait, however until you are given a date for PRNC, you're going to be there for another 6 months or so.
OOooh! A 'make your own sentence kit'. I love these, they're great.
Jog on, ****.

Thanks tb, I'm applying for CIS. Thing is, this 'waiting times are dropping because people aren't accepting' has been said since the start, when in fact they've gone up, so not got much faith there.


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Get a grip you wet tampon, so you've not even been waiting two years, people out there have been waiting 4 or 5 years, myself 3 and a half, my suggestion to you is to quit.
Hi, not true. I only received my date 3 weeks ago for the 29th of April. 3 weeks after a mate got his for September. Stand by, the AFCO aren't doing this on purpose, and they can only guess until something flashes across their screens from Portsmouth. Like others say, it's all about your trade and how many people are going through before you. Consider yourself cattle to the abattoir 
Is this the first tantrum thread of the year?
I well remember the inconvenience of waiting for the Naval Service to sort themselves out and give me a date to turn to at Lympstone.
About 3 months of do this test, come here for an interview and do this set of exercises and then finally they deign to tell me to get on a train to Devon.
3 months of my life wasted!!
I can totally empathise with you Rolling Stone, come here for a hug.

Er....it is a girl isn't it?


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It's fully appreciated how frustrating it is waiting a long time for an entry date & frankly not surprising when people choose not to join because circumstances change.

The one thing to bear in mind is the AFCO don't promise anything, in fact even the letter we send to notify you of a start date has more 'get out clauses' than your average solicitors letter to an insurance company.

We have no control over changes in the service manning requirement or the rate at which trained ranks choose to leave or are made redundant unwillingly by Dave.

A lot of people initially think the selection process involves a ten minute chat on a Friday followed by, "Can you start Monday?", but you'll notice that despite undergoing & passing a rigorous selection process there is no verbal or written evidence given to suggest you've actually got a job - when a place is finally allocated, the offer of service letter states in no uncertain terms that the job offer is conditional & can be withdrawn on a whim.

When you physically "sign -on" the contract you sign has one paragraph stating under what conditions you may voluntarily leave and 3 sides of A4 informing you of all the nefarious ways your employer can terminate the contract.

Again it's appreciated how mind-numbingly dull it is waiting for a start date, but anyone that gives-up work, stops looking for work or quits education before receiving written notification of a start date because they are "joining the Royal Navy/Royal Marines" really hasn't grasped the concept with regard the word "promise".

Best of luck
Here here NS, You will have been advised by a CA who is giving you his/her best guess based on the current information we are getting. I have just been given an entry date for 15 July for one of my lads even though I have dates now out to 25 Nov. Just hang in there and you will get an offer. Don't forget you still need to attend and pass the PRNC as wellSM


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Always brings a smile when those yet to join make like a matelot & insist their Careers Adviser misguided their choice.

Ofsted apparently frown on recruiters punching candidates.
You whinging ***** need to remember that it's all a test. The wait is part of your training. From the minute you signed up, you are being assessed. Currently you are being monitored on your ability to deal with being fucked around, get used to it, your entire career will be a rollercoaster of epic highs and massive disappointment and boredom.

Anyway you've just failed.

What was that? Weekend leave cancelled at the last minute? Ahh diddums. DHP for another 6 months because your relief is a Wren who's got herself preggers? Boohoo. Far East trip cancelled in favour of BOST and JMC? Oh no. Didn't get on the promotion signal this time because your DO couldn't be arsed to sign the paperwork? Ahhh. Wedding and honeymoon plans fucked up because we are declaring war on someone? Booooo.

Man the **** up.
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