Falmouth - Saturday afternnon

Falmouth - Saturday afternoon

Just been out in t'caravan and left it in a field with the tribe and am currently back at work. I was in Falmouth with the morons and (as usual) we were in and out of all the Charity Shops, looking for bargains. Anyway - we leaves one Cornwall Air Ambulance Shop and we're bimbling along the street when the ten year old grand-daughter heaves to at the door of one place and yells, "CAN WE GO IN THIS CHARITY SHOP NOW GRAN?" The woman what owns the place heard this remark and promptly stopped us Plymouth louts from entering the place.Turns out it was a very bespoke clothing boutique called:http://statics.192.com/estreet/original/large/1082/10829542.jpg The owner was not very impressed. Me? I nearly wee-wee'd meself.
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I got a solar powered Gnome that sings the Chinese National anthem, three packs of AAA batteries,two rolls of bin bags, an inflatable five-man canoe, a big bag of Iams dog biscuits....haven't got a dog but it was on special, a sink plunger, a new sink, 5 litres of four-stroke engine oil. a toilet roll holder made out of old toilet rolls, some three inch nails, a staple gun and a wing mirror for a Triumph Herald. Bargains galore!
Was down in Falmouth a few years ago and took my boat down there. Was in Ray Allertons boat yard in Penryn, so traps around to swan pool beach in the car and drops me mom and the war office off with the sprogs off there.
Me and my daughter then go around in the boat and drop the hook just off the beach, and are just about to swim ashore when this geezer comes swimming up, looking quite tired. He asks can he hold onto the rat lines for a breather and I tell him to fill his boots. "Where you come from" I asks him. "Manchester" he says. "Fuckin long swim" I replied.
"Cunt" he muttered and swam off.
Stopping for a swift refreshing pint (I was driving) - we went in here Grapes Inn – Falmouth » The Cornish Pub then I suddenly remembered I'd actually fell out of the place on more than one occasion when I went into Falmouth on a P&O boat a l-o-n-g time ago. I even pointed out the SEALION crest nailed to one of the beams to my admiring family members. I didn't mention to the family that we were politely told to leave because we got to drinking all kinds of mixed up stuff from the inside of each others steaming boots thereby upsetting the grockles who were trying to eat their dinners at the time without actually throwing up. Oh happy, happy days.
In Falmouth a few weeks ago, they had their annual Sea Shanty weekend, started to learn some new songs but cannot remember shit, beer tent very close to stage, good idea or ploy to help you to forget songs? we also fell into the Trago black hole? Ended up buying something very useful! Which, we left in the holiday camp?
:pirate: Visited Flamouth last Autumn, Lesley has a very smart jumper from one of the charity shops. We park outside that supermarket just before Trago Mills , parking no problem, got a blue badge,; anyway we always have a few wets in the Chain Locker [some bastard has pinched the divers helmet off the bar] and finish up yaffeling oggies tin that shop oppoisite Trago Mills. Trago Mills always seems to cause traffic jams with H.G.V.'s trying to deliver in the narrow road. We'll be back in the Autumn.:iroc:
When at Culdrose ALL Saturday afternoons started at the Grapes. Ended in some nightclub across the road! (I think)!:downtown:
I have some bad news for you buddy, Remedies closed a while ago. Along with the closure of Shades and Mangos' new refurbishment into a more up-market bar, the only shelter for the drunk and ill-advised is now Club I.
I always knew that town was going down market.

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