Falmouth Packet: "Major Anti-Submarine Exercises Off Cornwall Biggest Since Cold War"

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"The Royal Navy is to conduct a major anti-submarine exercise off the coast of Cornwall and in the Western Approaches in June.

Not since the days of the Cold War have so many Royal Navy helicopters been sent to sea on an aircraft carrier for the purpose of hunting submarines as on Exercise Deep Blue in the Western Approaches.

Nine Merlins from RNAS Culdrose in Helston will join HMS Illustrious to practise skills which were once the mainstay of the Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier operations at the height of the tensions with the Soviet Union."

Major anti-submarine exercises off Cornwall biggest since Cold War (From Falmouth Packet)
Back in the day.....Soviet trawler spotting was the highlight of the fortnight......or month....or whatever.....it went on and on and on.....and on....!


War Hero
Obviously to make it very clear Invincible is not acting as a CVF, no. Nor and CVS. She is an LPH which just happens to have some ASK Merlins. Just so we are all clear the Invincible is absolutely not a CVS doing through deck ASW helicopter operations, she is doing Landing Platform Helicopter stuff.

All clear on that, just in case anyone asks like.


Lantern Swinger
Don't think Invincible is doing much if anything seeing as she is long since razor blades. Illustrious on the other hand is the current LPH.

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