The RN played a vital part in the recovery of the Falkland Islands almost 27 years ago. At the time, we had a cut back fleet and this trend of disposing of ships before their time has continued due to underfunding of all the forces.

Were Argentina to take action against us again, would we be able to defend ourselves and/or retake the islands, or is this military power a thing of the past?

Your thoughts...


Lantern Swinger
Assuming they have landed and are entrenched...

We still have good quality attack submarines that would make the area around the falklands a no go area for Argentine surface vessels.

The type 23's are still some of the best cold water anti submarine surface vessels in the world.

The 6 planned type 45s would likely be able to make the airspace closed to the argentines. (if they did it before these were built, we'd probably be a bit buggered)

We have land attack capability with TLAMs and also NGS from the 4.5 mk8s.

We could then move our amphibious assualt forces, which are better than in 1982, to retake the islands.

You also have to consider the possibility that an argentine landing might fail, since there are currently 4 RAF aircraft stationed there, I believe.

To be honest, the Argentines just don't have the military clout at the moment, although that is always open to change.
Already done to death both on here and arrse. Its a ludicrous question. Given that Argentina has managed to invest even less in their armed forces than we have, its unlikely that they would be able to even consider another invasion.
Its ironic really. Prior to 1982, the british military presence in the area constituted the Red Plum and a platoon of Royal. Now, with all the extra assets in place, there are those who claim that the islands are undefended.


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janner said:
Surely 4 RAF aircraft aren't going to stop the whole Argentinian airforce?
They only have 18 aircraft that could fufil the the air-superiority role on their books. These aircraft are 35 years old. 7 of them are in long term storage. They are likely to be in a poor state of repair.

Assuming there are some servicable enough to fly, they will, in the near future, be up against four of one of the most advanced short to medium range air superiority aircraft in the world. When combined with the RAF regiment air defense stationed there, I'd give us atleast a 50/50 chance of having one aircraft left after an air based attack. One modern aircraft would likely put a very large spanner in the works of any seabourne assualt.
janner said:
Surely 4 RAF aircraft aren't going to stop the whole Argentinian airforce?

What 'argentine air force'?

You mean the 10 geriatric A4's they still have in flying condition?

10 very subsonic A4's vs 4 very supersonic Typhoons with 4 x AMRAAM and 4 x ASRAAM a piece = short but VERY exciting war for the Fuerza Aérea Argentina.
With the first class mountain top search RADAR, Rapier and the AAR tanker, 3 x Tornado 3s would significantly p**s on the chips currently held by Argentina. Gaps in the DD/FF presence don't help our stance but, at least for now, it's not a catastrophy.

Having had the joy of playing in an Ex CAPE PETREL, I'm not losing sleep.

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