Discussion in 'The Corps' started by canuck123, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. anything's possible canuck - nothing you Americans do would surprise me :lol:
  2. Im canadian, and it wouldnt be the americans its the argentines.
  3. whether you're from the north of the continent or the southern cone - its all the same continent :lol:
  4. And Canuck, you said Canadian with a small 'c'! Yes they will try again, it will be when their own internal politics are so desperate they need a foreign policy distraction. It may be 20 years os so and before then the British Government may just give in...............
  5. We seem to have done quite well so far. :twisted:
  6. I had coffee one morning with President Kirchner in Hotel Santa Cruz in Rio Gallegos. He is an intelligent guy but so cross-eyed that some of the locals call him The Bookie 'cos he has an eye each way.

    He was polite enough not to mention Las Malvinas but every Argentine that I met was absolutely sure that they would eventually belong to Argentina and that time was on their side.

  7. anyone for an all expenses paid holiday to the South Atlantic? :lol: :lol:
  8. Been there, done that. But at least we had a Leader then, whatever you may think of her.
    Can you see the man who surrendered Northern Ireland to Terrorists, stand up against Argentina? Now lets see? How many ships have we got left? Not including the IOW Ferries, P&O........................
    I agree with Bergan and the Argeys, they only have to wait.
  9. With our government now or if in the unlikely chance the Tories become the govt. the Falklands will succumb to the Argies without hardly a shot being fired, We no longer have the manpower or the firepower to take them on. Our govt. is so up its own a*se it hasnt the guts to do anything without the Yanks and they wont be interested because there is no oil there!
  10. I think the sooner bit was somewhat blown out of the water by the descision to adopt the Jackboot approach rather than the softly softly one in the 80s. I would also suggest that it will be a lot later unless the Argentinians stop demanding, they will need to get the islanders on their side in the end and being beligerant will ensure that never happens.
  11. Let me put it this way. We are sending out the same sort of messages (very much stronger this time though!!!!) now as we did then (the early eighties), what would you do in their place?
  12. ...and there was me thinking that was down to the skill and diplomacy of John Major...
  13. I believe it was the "skill and diplomacy of John Major" that stopped GRANBY ending in the mess that is TELIC. I also admire your bravery in suggesting to a Cunuck that he's American; incontinent or not!

    I've met a fair number of the East Falklanders and a few of the Westers/Islanders and I can count on one hand the number that would like to see the Argentineans back.
  14. Standby for trouble in the future.
  15. Rivet
    Another ******. :wink:
  16. Could be why the crabs are diverting the first few Typhoons to the protection of the Falklands!

    Skyhawk vs Typhoon? Don't think I'd bother either!!

    Skyhawk vs Hawk? We'll leave the key under the mat!!

    With all the current talk of cuts, maybe we should be glad that the RAF are getting all those lovely fighters!
  17. Thank you for that. I hate being called american.

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