Falklands War Memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, May 20, 2012.

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  1. Just out of curiousity, why did it take 30 years? Following that (flawed) logic, WWII memorials should have gone up around 1975.

    Nice to see it at last. Didn't take part, but know plenty that did and some that got hurt.
  2. The delay was probably started off by one of our Prime Ministers (it wouldn't have been Maggie but the ones that followed have all been PC fixated lily livered suck up bastards) asking assorted Argie Presidents for their permission first so as to not upset anyone and require a formal apology by Her Maj for everything bad that has ever happened in the world since it was first created (by the way, why haven't we had a formal apology from Italy for what the Romans did to Queen Boudica, but I digress).

    Thankfully along came the appallingly ugly Cristina de Kirchner and all bets were off so the final delay was simply down to getting Polish builders to put the wall up and the Royal Mail to bring a lump of Falklands rock over.

    Sorry, I have a headache and a sore throat and I am in a bit of a bad mood this morning!
  3. It took so long because we had to raise the money ourselves
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  4. That is appalling. The very least a grateful nation should do is provide funding for such a memorial.

    Forgive my ignorance, I don't live in the UK and have not yet had an opportunity during leave periods to pay a visit to the memorial, but are there any other significant ommissions in terms of campaigns that should be singled out (thinking primarily about Palestine, Malayan Emergency, Korea, NI, Gulf War(s), Afghanistan and the like which various governments decided UK plc should take an active interest in)?
  5. At last a fitting memorial for those involved, inc the 3 civilian ladies who died, nice to see the Vulcan and flown by Martin Withers, who was the pilot who actually flew on the Black Buck mission.
  6. Unfortunately I believe the swift resolution of the conflict led to it being removed from the memory of our 'grateful nation'.

    The cynic in me seems to think gratitude starts when the 'action' is extended to a qualifying period of over six months.

    A lot of good friends were lost in the South Atlantic and whilst this 30th anniversary of there sacrifice I notice only family and friends remembering what they did. Unless I am watching the wrong news channels it seems almost a forgotten war.

    RIP to all those lost and they will not be forgotten. Nice to see there names at the Arboretum. They stand for all things British.
  7. I was there on Sunday in what proved to be a great and yet very emotional day.It is a cracking memorial to those who are still on patrol and they will never be [email protected] - sorry I could not chat longer with you on Sunday shippers, we were just about to head back home.

  8. No worries mate. It was good to meet you (however briefly!)after speaking on here and on the SAMA site.

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