Falklands War Film - Blessed by Fire

Discussion in 'History' started by stumpy, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Blessed by Fire

    I saw this film last night and was very impressed. It is the first film about the Falklands War made by an Argentinian. To begin with I was very dubious suspecting that it would be an account of how the argies won the war (!), but actually it is very good. There are only two anti-British rants, one near the end and one near the beginning, but these rants are not just anti- us Brits, but also anti his own Army. However the one near the beginning ends so well you will be laughing!

    It is very slow at times, but very moving. It also really concentrates on the effects of the war on the survivors today. I have to warn you, it is quite depressing, but worth watching, but maybe not a Saturday night film…

    It also shows the reality of the Argeninian defeat in a way that a British film could not show without being dismissed as propaganda. Very chilling. It is also interesting seeing a film show a British Army attack from the receiving side!

    It really hammers home some points:

    The shock of living under protracted artillery/Naval Gun Fire Support bombardment.

    The terrible way the Argie officers acted.

    A very vivid illustration of being on the receiving end of a British infantry attack, ie try not to be! It also has a very chaotic, and I would suspect realistic, night time battle which has the following morale: don’t fcuk with the Gurkhas!

    There is also a short, but wonderful, appearance by the Fleet Air Arm showing the importance of organic air support.

    Overall, it is a very balanced film (apart from a couple of times) that is well worth watching. The ending is particularly moving.

    I don’t want to spoil the plot too much…but the Argies lost!

    (PS: The special features has a meeting between the writer and SAMA veterans, which I haven’t seen yet)

  2. Thanks for this Stumpy. Not sure I want to fork out 20 squid for it. I've got shelves full of war films that only me watches.

    thanks anyway

    GR :thumright:
  3. What's the point of watching it now you've told us the ending.

    Thanks mate - it sounded great up until that point !! :thumright:
  4. What happened in the end??

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