Falklands veterans mark 35th anniversary in Gosport


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@Ninja_Stoker when is your party at Collingwood?
Friday 9th June, there's about 100 of the approximately 200 veterans still in uniform who will be attending, including 1SL

I attended this anniversary parade in Gosport and had the honour to be one of about 13 uniformed veterans in a platoon behind the guard, followed by literally hundreds of veterans. Most of the platoon I was in were Officers & Warrant officers but there were three Chief Stokers - we were the only one's in step. Ish, anyway :)

It was a humbling and emotive experience, I was surprised how poignant it was, particularly when local school children read out the names of the 255 British and Falklands fatalities. The guard from HMS Sultan and Her Majesty's Royal Marine Band were absolutely superb. Obvs.


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At the Collingwood dinner everyone should wear a badge to say what the were back then, you Stoke 1SL middy etc.

When was the last time you have to march around in step?


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OK if your in a pedantic mood, 21-year-old Acting Sub Lt Philip Jones, you missed the 'A' an acting subby not for of a middy.
No charge cus Google may be wrong, but it is a quote from his acceptance speech so may be ok.
If you're. Just sayin! ;)

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