Falklands veterans' flight plan


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Falklands veterans will be able to visit their former battlegrounds for the cost of a train to Scotland.

It currently costs more than £1,200 for ex-servicemen from around Portsmouth to get to the South Atlantic, but from September 4 they could pay as little as £75 each way as part of a new deal for veterans of the conflict in the south Atlantic.

The flights' from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire are being offered to veterans of the South Atlantic Medal Association, and it is the first non-serving forces group to be extended the privilege.

John Erskine, 60, from East Lodge Park, Farlington, Portsmouth, is a member of the association and will be going to the Falklands soon.

He said: 'This is fantastic news and finally allows us to pay our respects at an affordable rate.

'Paying pilgrimage in the Falklands is an important part of remembering our time there.'

Veterans are already in the process of building a lodge on the islands to give ex-service personnel somewhere to stay if they want to revisit the scene of the fighting.

Fellow Falklands veteran Derek 'Smokey' Cole said: 'We are so excited about these flights. It means the people who risked their lives now have a fair deal.'

The deal struck between the Ministry of Defence and a civilian firm to carry passengers runs until September 30.

An MoD spokeswoman said: 'The veterans should apply through the South Atlantic Medal Association for flights happening from September 1 onwards.

'Once their eligibility has been confirmed their application will be processed by the Falkland Islands Government Office.'



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Good news indeed. This one has been the subject of debate and discussion for a number of years and the light is finally clear at the end of the tunnel.

Beware of being asked to sign up for Penguin Culls though!