Falklands style conflict looming in S.E. Asia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Flagdeck, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Be interested in the US stance on the situation.
  2. Bet we are not the only ones wishing we had Harriers if this one kicks off.
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why would we ? Who else would?
    I can't imagine David Cameron's first thoughts upon being shook at 0400 to be told that China and Japan had gone to war would be, "Hmmm, I wish we had Harriers."
  4. The Chinese have timed this perfectly, with Japan and China at war and Israel posturing over Iran, the western world won't have a bloody clue what to do about it.

    Can they call it a third world war if all the worlds nations pick now as a time to kick off in grudge matches? Could we possible have 2-3 large scale conflicts?

    All it would take is the american forces to be swamped in different arena's and the North Koreans might think it an appropriate time to have a crack, maybe even with prior planning and help from China...

    We're all doomed I tells ya!
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It'll be fine. Nothings going to happen. You dont think most of the Western worlds politicians would impose stringent defence cuts to save a bit of cash if there was trouble brewing do you?

    But....... If it does kick off it'll be interesting to see how the Chinese hardware compares to the American stuff.
  6. Will this mean Canon photo equipment may rise in price shall I buy more now
  7. Meanwhile, over in Taiwan . . .
  8. US will back China as China owns more of the US than the Septics! But the Septics still have bases in Japan as they are legally responsible for the defence of Japan ... the Yanks have 10.000 Marines in on Okinowa plus Guam / Hawaii ... only if they do defend Japan ... China will pull the debts USA owe ... Wouldn't want to be Obama in this one ... Damned if he does ... damned if he doesn't! Sort of volatile cess pit that could spark off a major conflict!

    Think the only resolution I could imagine is that the UN Security Council take control ... but as China and the Yanks are members of the same ... its recipe for disaster! We're Doomed ...Doomed!
  9. Cannot see the problem even as we speak the Cornish Stannary Parliament is sitting. The answer will be to flood both Japan Nd China with shushi pasties.......they'll all poison themselves. Jobs a good one.
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  10. I was thinking Japan would have liked some on that nice big flat top they have.
    They wanted them a few years back but the thought of the Japanese having power projection on a carrier worried some people.
    As for Dave. He will just ring the French and ask them what to do.
  11. Hopefully the Japanese will get put back in their box. Their claim to the islands is weak at best.
  12. I wouldn't worry about the Japanese claims to the islands, I beleive Argentina are also claiming them.
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  13. I have a cunning plan. UK plc empties all our jails, pops the assorted miscreants into a couple of emptied out bulk cargo ships (I don't give a tinkers cuss about whingers moaning about overcrowding and poor sanitation) and drops them all on the island. 3 Bootnecks and a couple of Jock trade unionists who have accompanied the ship(s) to keep good order and discipline having slipped over the side at first light, planted the Argentinian flag and renamed it New Malvinas (this is just as a form of deception ops but I am rather pleased with the idea).

    Up steps the meeja along with another bulk cargo ship full of hoomin rights lawyers (most of them taken from their beds at dawn by men in ski masks) - it would take bloody years to chew the lumps out of that mess but, in the meantime, the cherished homeland is cleared of a large bunch of undesirables ... and we get rid of criminals as well.

    Now then, where did I put my medication?
  14. The only flaw I can see in this are under EU law can you call a "shushi pasty" a "pasty" or does it breach some obscure directive? There again you could call it a "Shūshi hézi" which is the same thing in Mandarin but as the EU only speaks French then they won't know what you are on about. Of course then it depends if it is hot or cold when served as if hot it would attract VAT as of course if was served "in" rather than "takeaway".
  15. If it comes down to China and Japan, the United States is bound by treaty to aid in Japan's defense. If we don't follow through with our treaty obligations, what message does this send to our NATO allies? Not only that, it comes down to a war of ideology if China decides in this place and time to throw down the gauntlet by a persecuting a war against Japan.
    If China decides to pull the debts that the United States owes...Well, it is a moot point if we are at war isn't it?
    It is an oversimplification that China has the US (and the rest of the western world) by the short hairs to begin with. China relies HEAVILY upon not only the US, but ALSO Japan to sustain it's economic growth. In point of fact, China has put economic growth above their own domestic needs and problems at their regimes very peril.
    China is a threat to be sure, but at this point they can still be contained within it's own hemisphere and doesn't constitute a viable to threat to the US for now. However, as someone postulated China can use the current situations in Iran and Afghanistan to their advantage...EXCEPT for one little issue they have to deal with...India. India is the natural enemy of China and will not tolerate any encroachment into the Indian Ocean, and has the power to control the Straits of Malacca if they should choose to do so...
    And, lastly F*** the UN! A useless organization from the very beginning...Just like Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations. A "paper tiger"...
  16. :laughing3:

    But if they pull the plug BEFORE war is declared ... not a moot point as you wouldn't be able to afford a war or been seen as starting one as you were trying to get out of paying up! But there again its not going to happen as China & the US depend on each other too much!

    But India have Pakistan to deal with so likely to have their hands full!

    At least we can agree on this!
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