falklands quiz

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by brazenhussy, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Seven.

    I mean, questions about jam, FFS!
  2. I'm thoroughly ashamed: only 3 out of 10! :oops: I got the tourism one right though! :razz:
  3. 4/10 and guessed most of them
  4. Oh dear! 2/10 and I had 3 deployments there,one of them ashore.

    Now thats just embarrassing!!
  5. just got 6/10 and im a sprog
  6. i got 6/10 and guessed most of them lol :lol:

  7. Don,t gob off......er 3/10 and i was there?
  8. I can live with 5 out of 10
  9. I only managed 4/10
    But if I do it again I might get 10/10
    But I don't cheat! (Liar)
  10. 3/10.....but it was the jam one that fcuked it for me... :roll: :roll:
  11. 2 :shock:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    4 for me
  13. 0!a big fat zilch,but then it would only let me answer the 1st question!
  14. 4 out 0f 10 I will hang my head in shame
  15. Question 11 (More Recent military history): What were the names of the girlfriends of the six RMPs who recently had over 40 plus AK47 rounds fired into each of their bodies ?
    Question 14 (Current military history): What is the name of Seaman Specialist Faye Turney's three year old daughter?
    Nice to see the BBC continues to live up to the Reithian values of educate, inform and entertain, with special emphasis on 'Entertain'.

  16. 4/10 Jam FFS
  17. 2/10…

    Should have done better with Benny's on the wifes side :oops:
  18. 8 out of 10,and I didn't cheat!!!!!!!

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