Falklands (Merged)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Paddingtonbear, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Interesting article;


    I wonder what would happen if militarily the Venezuelans and the Argentineans formed an alliance to re - take the Falklands?

    The Venezuelans have a decent military and have done some good work with oil Exploration!
  2. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Right being a young'un I've never really understood politics and oil etc.

    Of course oil is a huge multi billion pound revenue for any country, but it seems to me that the argies haven't been THAT interested in the falklands until there was mention of oil.

    What would actually happen if they went ahead and tried to retake the falklands, with most of our military assets concentrated in afghanistan ?
  3. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    I'm not sure, - but we would have to re - prioritise and see what the threat would be.

    Would it be a naval threat, - or primarily air threat? Could Chile support us etc?

    I am sure at some level a lot of planning for these events has already happened.
  4. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    With our alliance with the USA, backing them up with Iraq and Af'stan would they assist in a South Atlantic naval conflict?

    Most of our assets abroad at present are ground troops! The USA must have a few odd Amphib ships floating around somewhere waiting for fisty cuffs!!!!!!
  5. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    I am not sure if they would assist or not?

    They may be able to help with Intelligence, logs etc. The concerning this is that Venezuela and the US don't get on at all, - the Argentineans hate us.

    It starts to make a nice marriage for them to team up against team GB.
  6. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    The septics would probably welcome the chance to put some pressure on Venezuela as it does not suit them to have a country with a very left wing President lording it around in their backyard.

    Edited for poor spelling.
  7. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    If the Venezuelans joined in the Americans would have to step in unless Obama is an absolute fcukwit. If he were to let Chavez help throw us out of the Falklands then why wouldn't Chavez follow it up with the invasion of Colombia he's been promising for the last year and so oust the last strongly pro-US government in South America and topple a key pillar of American foreign policy.
  8. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Hopefully Chile would help as it has most of our T23s!
  9. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Well that's part of the reason we gave them for such a bargain!

    I think the yanks would have to step in, - I guess it is just posturing!
  10. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    I know nowt about air power,and probably less about our submarine potential but I would think 4 subs in the area[if not being fitted out] would be enough presence to stop any surface threat from either country.
    It's happened before and you can be sure there will be no troop landing in the Falklands from a surface fleet.
    It has to be by air and 4 Typhoons can match anything they have,more aircraft if needed.
    I think it's just sabre rattling to get a share of the oil and knowing Broon they will get it.
    Probably Cameron as well.
    Still we could always say to the Yanks as we have a national problem our troops are out of Affistan to take care of it.
    Let other NATO nations pull some weight.
  11. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    I'd suggest our 'alliance' with the USA is a bit of one way street, they were not exactly helpful in the last spot of bother.
    I can't, given the massive hispanic population in the USA, ever see them outwardly assisting, and thus offending, massive proportions of their own citizens.
  12. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    I thought our alliance with the U.S is about us helping them when ever they need it, but they dont help us in our times of need.
  13. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    The country has no money, the oil industry has stacks. Let them build/buy/borrow and man the ships. It's analogous to nightclubs providing their own bouncers. :lol:

  14. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Off course the USA, we would ask them to cover for us as we had difficulties elsewhere

    We would give them 98% of the oil revenue
    then spend sixty years paying off the war debt to them
    (Apart from the oil revenue I believe we have done this before)
  15. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    And there it is. Daffy, you've hit the nail on the head mate.
  16. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    I understand what you are saying about the USA's previous lack of wishing to lend a hand whilst the rest of the world was killing each other. (WW2).

    This time is different in that the USA is itself is actively involved in a war alongside us.

    My personal view is that they would offer the usual 'intelligence' but would decline any active involvement of personnel and hardware.
  17. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    The Americans did more for us last time in terms of intel and equipment than the rest of NATO did, so remember to give them a bashing as well as the Yanks.
  18. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Ahhhh but we don't have that "special relationship" with NATO that we have with our American cousins.
  19. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    Didn't the Yanks do a lot of work being the scene's with regards to buying out armaments and supplies through a 'shadow' Agency/Company.
  20. Re: Venezuelan Involvement over Falklands

    "Argentina has ruled out military action and is trying to pressure Britain into negotiations on sovereignty."

    Don't forget that Blair nearly gave Gibraltar back to Spain, and made some noises about sharing sovereignty over the Falklands until the respective populations said "are you fack...". It looks as if the Argentinians are counting on this approach and are going to gang up on Britain at the UN with their erstwhile Latin American brethren instead.
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