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Falklands medal found


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I found this elsewhere - can anyone help?

We have received the following from SAMA82. If anyone can help please email: [email protected]
SAMA 82 Office are trying to trace a veteran

T J Baker – Fort Austin

We have been contacted by Mr Andy Kellman (Scotland 01436 ??????) who has discovered a South Atlantic Medal in a box in his attic, when he recently moved into his new house in Helensburgh Scotland.

The medal belongs to a T J Baker – Fort Austin. No other details known. Unfortunately, we do not have any contact records for Mr Baker in the SAMA office, therefore we are asking if anyone knows him or has contact with his family, to please get in touch with Mr Kellman through RFAA. He would dearly love to return the medal back to Mr Baker.”


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I've just had a quick look at the most easily available source of historical electoral registers and can see a Thomas (Tom, I would imagine) Baker, living in Helensburgh about 16 years ago. May be married to a lady called Kathleen.


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Seen a few of these type of queries on FB, in the majority of cases the recipient appears to have sold their medal at some point.

Some raise over £800 depending on the ship/unit/history and attached group, others, as much as £120k.

Whilst appreciating they have a sizeable market value, some get stolen or lost (granted), I tend to be a little sceptical when the original recipient pops-up saying "Gawd bless ya, guv'nor. I thought I'd lost it".

Hmmn, really? Show me where you've reported and recorded your loss.


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I would have said that the best answer to this one would be to interest one of the journalists on the paper in Helensburgh in doing a little story. There is a chance that the owner still lives in the area or may have friends who do.

For what it's worth, if I were following this one up, I would find out where the historic electoral registers are kept and look at the names listed for that address for about the last twenty years. I would get this guy's full name plus that of any partners and then run that combination on the current registers via That would locate him.


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Nina, apparently this one was found in the loft when a new buyer moved in. 'Twas the Burg.
Either way, the medal probably meant fcuk all to the original recipient if it was bunged in the loft.

Totally get the bit it may mean something to the family if the individual has since snuffed it.


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We have been contacted by Mr Andy Kellman (Scotland 01436 ??????) who has discovered a South Atlantic Medal in a box in his attic, when he recently moved into his new house

At the risk of proposing the obvious, perhaps it belongs to the guy who recently moved out. I’d consider that before I went full NCIS on the Electoral Register.


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I wonder how many times they'll come across the phrase "Sorry mate I can't tell you. Data protection"
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