Falklands Lament

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Richie, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Whilst clearing through a load of old papers recently, I came across a couple of MODMAIL Family Grams that my wife received when I was “down south†in ‘82 and tucked inside one of the news letters that were sent out by the boss of the squadron I was on, was an A5 sheet with a couple of poems written on it. I have no idea who wrote them – except that the initials “CM†are typed at the end. They are reproduced verboten below.

    1. Falklands Lament
    2. The Lion Awakes

    Falklands Lament

    It’s more than two months now since we left home
    Called away by our duty o’er sea and o’er foam
    Far away to the southward from our loved ones were sent
    Separation which brought forth our Falklands lament

    An Argentine dictator Galteiri by name
    With his Junta are bringing their Country to shame
    To win public acclaim his army he sent
    Blood, not Freedom he brought to the Falklands, lament

    His army ashore starving, freezing with cold
    How many of them, lads but eighteen years old
    Not professional soldiers, but conscripts he sent
    It is fuel a’plenty for a Falklands lament

    Our Task Group afloat on this southern swell
    Fight their Army, Navy and Air Force as well
    To the tasks we are given our soldiers are bent
    We shall not be the cause of any Falklands lament

    The Squadron it works well as part of the team
    Days and weeks pass by as though part of a dream
    We look with great longing to the letters you’ve sent
    Your support helps to lessen this Falklands lament

    Don’t be sad we are absent our thoughts are with you
    As we think of your green fields and cloudless skies blue
    Our prayers and our love via Heaven are sent
    On our behalf, may you never, for Falklands lament

    In Argentina they weep for ‘Evita’ Peron
    Whilst to war all their young lads and kinfolk are gone
    Not to fight for their Country by the Junta were sent
    Don’t cry for me Argentina, but for Falklands lament

    May our struggle for freedom in this land o’er the sea
    Be rewarded by islands both happy and free
    When the Lion of old England may homeward be sent
    Not in shame, but in Glory, no more Falklands lament.

    The ‘Lion Awake’

    From U.S.S.R. to the U.S of A.
    All now realise that in Falkland we’ll stay
    As they watched our advance, on could guess what they said
    Gee! That old British lion lay sleeping, not dead!

    Galteiri, had just made his biggest mistake
    With ‘Malvinas’ he hoped some more power he could rake
    So he gathered his Junta, got them to agree
    And sent forth his minions
    Out east o’er the sea

    To the Falklands they came and soon did over-run
    Our few Marine soldiers who ne’er left their gun
    The Islanders fears they said quickly they’d banish
    As soon as they had them all speaking Spanish

    But the Ministers in UK did not quite agree
    With the Argentine version of democracy
    They argued for weeks and diplomacy failed
    So we gathered our kit and southward we sailed

    We have lost some ships and a few of our men
    The Argies must now know we will not give in
    We have captured San Carlos, Darwin and Goose Green
    Over the hillsides our red and green berets are seen

    The Argies in Stanley behind sandbag and wall
    Will soon be confronted by ‘the men from Nepal’
    Any day now the Falklands will once more be free
    And the Loin, still strong, will watch over the sea

    O we’re maintaining freedom in this day and age
    Whilst certain other countries watch our progress with rage
    Our Armed Force strength let us never forget
    And the sunlight of real freedom, on our world will not set.
  2. BZ Shippers.
    Any chance we can get Dave and his mates to have a read? Better yet get Maggie to read these to them.
  3. If your interested 20th Century Battlefields on the Yesterday channel at 2100 tonight is the Falklands War.
  4. I doubt that the dribbling old bitch can actually read out loud any more.

    Thank God.
  5. Well there's always one and guzzler is both of todays.

    Thanks for sunch an insightful comment
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  7. Exactly sgtp and mine is above. IMO comment distracts from the OP intention
  8. She speaks highly of you, something like "Throw that janner twat off the top of the lighthouse on the Hoe" :lol:
  9. Not really.

    OP was about the Falklands conflict, you brought that woman into it.

    She did not win that conflict - the British armed forces did.

    Anyway don't want a row with a fellow 21 man!

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