Falklands.....how close to defeat.

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Stirling, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Quest....Freeview 38 tonight @ 2200.
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  2. Not close to defeat at all. We still had pasties left on the Brilliant and could ave used those as ammo if needed.
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  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Win or lose, we won.
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  4. And I was sat sitting at Prestwick like a coiled spring just waiting to go!!!!!!!

    "Scramble the duty SAR"

    OK coiled spring when I get back!!!!!
  5. Pasties! You had Pasties!!! Only Pastie we ever saw was when some kind sole took pity on us and landed some "Action Messing Tortoises'!" ... rest of the time it was Rat Pack Potmess!
  6. We had everything, the skipper John Coward insisted that his war canoe was a war canoe and as such we were provisioned as such. Whilst everyone was running down their stocks before returning to the UK we were well stocked. So much so that we even managed to store a couple of other canoes on the way down south. A good example of being ready.
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  8. Right on! :walk:
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I give in.
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  10. Nah I've seen the trailor, you standing with one foot over the hole in the ships side, jabbing at a super entende with a bayonet whilst all the crew look on adoringly singing there will always be an England.
    Just an average "John Wanyne" style movie.
    I cried.
  11. Nah mate, it was the Argies. I thought you said you wuz there?:D
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  12. We werent even close to defeat! We won fair and square!!!!!
  13. Although we won fair and square RDMT, if the campaign had gone on for much longer or the Argentine ground forces had put up more of a fight we would have had severe problems.
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  14. Bubollox! They didnt stand a chance against the might of our proffesional force because most of them were conscripts and poorly trained.
  15. You really are an un-educated buffoon RDMT.
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  16. No its you that is the buffoon! We managed ourselves perfectly in the south atlantic and you saying otherwise disrespects the veterans who served there. Even if it had gone on for longer than was expected we always would have other plans in place to secure a victory.
  17. You are John Nott and I claim my free 6 pack of Um Bongo.
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  18. Remember when the argie conscripts heard about the gurkhas and their kukris what did they do? Shoite themselves.
  19. RDMT, although my boat was in refit and therefore I didn't go south I've served with many who did, in fact 2 oppo's went down and didn't come back so there's no disrespect to those who went. Read the books, talk to people who were there before spouting any jingoistic crap. I'm sure some of your Sea Cadet buddies must know someone who has actually served and can offer a valid opinion, you just talk bollocks from start to finish.
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  20. We won, but we were pox lucky. Chain of command was all over the place, and if exocet had hit one of the carriers it was end ex.
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