Falklands G wagons

Discussion in 'History' started by Ches-fford, May 31, 2007.

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  1. We all have our thing mine is G wagons , I own two a ex west German bourder patrol BGS 230GE and an ex Norwegian army soft top 240GD .
    I also had a lot of fun of working with others on the Brixmis G that is now at Chicksands .
    Anyway as a personal interest thing Im trying to find out how may G wagons that became "CV" captured vehicle during the Falklands ended up in the UK and Europe .
    All these Gs were from the first military order to leave the factory in Graz for Mercedes or Puch in 1981.
    any storys , photos , chassis numbers would be very helpfull.
    The ones I know about are ,

    RAF Cosford has one, ( on loan from 18 Sqn )
    Fleet air arm Musium Has one ,
    Private owner in Bristol has one , ( on sale )
    Private owner in Blackburn,
    Private owner in France ( needs total rebuild )
    Private owner in US ( on sale )

    There must be more
  2. is it just me, or does anyone else know what he is talking about?

    Oh and welcome to RR Ches
  3. I do. I know of a couple that were "liberated" in 82. PM Noggie, he may be able to help you Ches. He also knows where Elvis went after Clockwork.......
  4. Any chance of some links to the sites you quote ???
  5. Wasn't there a story about the Argies losing these vehicles before they'd paid for them, and that when Mercedes Benz came looking for their money, they were met with the response, "What G Waggons"?
  6. Thanks for the welcome Gents :thumright: ,
    How do I post pictures ??
  7. If you must buy go for DANA only one available first come first served.


    Engine Tatra T-939 air cooled V12 diesel
    Engine power 345 BHP
    Length 11156 mm
    Width 3000 mm
    Height 2850 mm
    Weight Combat 29250kg
    Gun 152mm Howitzer 1 x 12.7mm MG
    Max speed 80km/hour (road)
    Gradient 60%
  8. ok Backpacker, whats the address, im interested in using if for street cleansing....
  9. http://www.tanksforsale.co.uk/
  10. That T-72 looks like a bargain
  11. The Scorpion was selling for five thousand a while back now that could shift no problem.

    Then we have this character here!!

    John Coyne sits atop his Scorpion tank.


    County character is back - with a new tank

    He's accused of refusing to retreat from car show

    By David Eck
    Enquirer contributor
    BATAVIA — Trouble seems to follow John Coyne.

    Just months after finishing a 17-year prison sentence for shooting at youths looting his junkyard, the Clermont County eccentric was back in a Clermont courtroom on Tuesday. This time, he's accused of refusing to move his 7-ton British Scorpion tank from a car show Sunday at Frisch's in New Richmond.

    Mr. Coyne pleaded not guilty in Municipal Court to misdemeanor obstructing official business and criminal trespassing charges.
    Since being released from prison in December, Mr. Coyne has been clearing his overgrown property near New Richmond. And he's been cruising in his newest tank, the Scorpion.

    On three previous occasions, he attended cruise-ins at the New Richmond Frisch's without incident. He drives the tank around New Richmond, and has even taken it through a fast-food restaurant's drive-up window.

    The Scorpion is outfitted with signs like “John Coyne strikes back,†and “How's my driving? 911-GES-TAPO.â€
  12. Of course, there's always the cheaper option.

  13. NG - what use is that against illegal immigrants, work shy scroungers and the PC tree hugging anti british bunch of feckwits ?

    (ok they may get a nasty paper cut of the box)
  14. Are you referring to one of these?
    Mercedes Benz Geländewagen.
  15. Oh, a camouflaged Chelsea tractor. Why didn't you say so?

    By the way, does anyone else remember the Kenny Everett sketch in which he 'made' a parking space for his tank in a street full of parked cars?
  16. You mean the one where he says"Round them all up in a field,and Bomb the bastards!"

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