Falklands again?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. What's this in the papers today and verified by 10 Downing St,that Gordo is having talks re.the Falklands with the Argie PM on his visit.Why?Do we have to do this all again or will we be giving most of the fishing and oil rights to them as a sop from a crazed politition?
    He knows he going out of office so,as with massive debt introduced,he's not too bothered about what he leaves behind,I won't be suprised if he squeezes in a law to make us drive on the right.
    I hope he does not give concessions on the islands,it would make a mockery of our Armed Forces.
    Sorry just remembered!Broon and Blair have already done that with equipment shortages.
    Wish we had a PM that put this country first.
  2. I know a few Benny/Stills who won't be too happy.
  3. Would this be the ultimate act of hatred towards the British people from a bunch of lefties who know that they are out come election time? A final act of treachery ?

    You did have but shes getting on a bit now.
  4. I think (read hope) we'd see a military coup if he did that.
  5. Is he actually that stupid as to even try?

    Actually....silly question!
  6. remember the saying, " A week in politics is a long time"!
  7. There appears to be much jumping to conclusions here may I suggest wait and see instead of prematurely wailing and gnashing your teeth and coating your monitor with spittle. Some of you may be old enough to recall that the Labour government in the 70's prevented a Falklands conflict, unlike that hag.
  8. This is actually quite worrying! As someone who was involved at the sharp end both alfloat and ashore during the conflict, if he goes through with this I will feel quite angry and I suspect as P-O-L says, there will be a lot of Bennys who will feel the same way. He will throw what I see as one of the greatest achievments in military history (due to the pure logistics of it given the resources we had at the time) back in the faces of the members of the armed forces who fought (and died) there.

    He wants putting in front of a wall!
  9. 4 to 8 must be getting on a bit to even think of mentioning the 'Bitch of Downing Street" on RR......just the mention of her name in this part of the world evokes emesis......check your medical dictionary before you ask....
  10. The issue was about having a PM that put Britain first ? OK then can I try Churchill? No? thats me all out of PM's that fill the bill
  11. Thank you Redeye, some of us can remember this little but not often forgotten piece of history. At least the lost a a Christmas leave prevented the lose of life. And the Labour government Listened to their advisor's, and acted on their advice, unlike the Bitch Thatcher, who thought she knew better.

    Once again Thanks, perhaps the fecking half wits on here will temper their venom.But I doubt it. :? :?
  12. PS I had not realised that you had been selected as Mess Spokesman
  13. Don't you mean delayed ? And made things a lot worse just as they have done quite a lot in recent years?
  14. I was just wondering if Gorgon was a little addled of late .His attempts to scupper UK limited might well be fcuked up if these new oil fields extend as far as the Falklands, I mean all that oil [money ] belonging the all of GB might be upsetting him.


  15. I look forward to your line of thought on the above as I find it laughable.

  16. I doubt if the chaps in uniform will find it so amusing when they have to go and do the job all over again. I look forward to your line of thought on the above as I find it contemptible that plonkers can use their party politics to put brave men and women at risk.

  17. <Sigh> Politicians: Body guards of the armed forces .... not!
  18. Falklands 2 ''The Empire Strikes Back''

    Got a catchy ring to it.
  19. Bring Maggie back! I know she maybe getting on a bit but I'm sure she could still do a better job than this half wit.

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