Falklands 82 travelling South

Watched Come Dine With Me (sad fcuk I know so full of fcuking brownhatters and fat mingers) when one of them said that crevats are so chav.
Going South in 82 not really bothered at the time after all we wern't going to have a scrap were we!! Passed Ascension Island and things getting serious Stan starting to shit himself when we are ordered to start wearing Overalls carry anti-flash etc close up at Defence Watches so after a couple of days in typical RN Grunter style in order to look the part the wardroom members start to wear crevats beneath their white ovvies, couple of nights later stbd watch closes up in the Ops Room all adorned with gay coloured crevats under our ovvies AWWO, PWO do a double take and can't believe that the lads had crevats - we didn't got the fcuking things out of the rag tank in the paint shop!!! :-D

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