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Falklands 30 - Anniversary Reunion and Parade - Gosport


FALKLANDS 30 - Anniversary Veterans Reunion Social
and Freedom of Borough Parade with Memorial Service
Gosport - Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th May 2012​


30th Anniversary of the Falkland Conflict Commemoration - Sunday 27th May 2012
As you may be aware, Gosport Borough Council has a strong association with the Falklands Campaign of 1982 and those who were involved in it. As a Borough, Gosport has arranged ceremonies of commemoration of national significance in 1997, 2002, 2007 and intends to do so again on 27 May this year.
The aptly named Falkland Gardens, with its Admiral Fieldhouse bust, mosaic designed by the Falklands Government and the Falklands Stone have become a place of pilgrimage over the years and, again this year, it is intended to remember the 255 members of the Task Force and the 3 Falkland Islanders who died in the campaign by laying a flower for each of them on the Memorial Stone.
The event includes a muster of veterans at the Falkland Gardens, a service of remembrance, a march past where the salute will be taken by Rear Admiral Chris Parry CBE MA (Oxon) with the Mayor of Gosport and a reception on Walpole Park for veterans and families and other Town Military Freemen.
Rear Admiral Chris Parry was an aviator who served on HMS Antrim and was involved in events which took place in South Georgia in the run up to the invasion as well as in the Falkland Islands.
Guests also expected at the event include the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire’s representative Rear Admiral Henderson and Mrs Sukey Cameron Falkland Island Government representative.
The service will be conducted by Reverend Andy Davis vicar of Holy Trinity Church with the address given by Reverend Godfrey Hilliard who served with 40 Commando during the conflict.
A Guard will be provided from HMS Sultan with music by The Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marine School of Music.

Special Arrangements for the Parade
The area around the Ferry gardens will be restricted and no buses or taxis will be permitted into the area from 0900 until completion of the service and the march past (approx 0900 to 1300)
The Gosport Ferry to/from Portsmouth will be suspended, with the last ferry arriving at Gosport at 1025. The service will resume at 1215. This of special importance if you are coming to the service from Portsmouth.
No vehicles will be permitted into the restricted area after 1000 with road closures in place until after the March Past.

The Muster
The parade will form up on the Bus Station site and march into position in the gardens at 1030.
Veterans are requested to wear their South Atlantic Medal which will gain them entry to the march past but not to the reception afterwards.
Some veterans are marching within their associations (for example HMS Coventry) and have expressed a wish to march with their standard. Standards will be arranged by The Royal British Legion for the service and will join with their units for the March Past.
Control of the parade and March Past will be under the control of Gunnery Staff from HMS Sultan who will designate unit command as required. If your association has a parade commander for the morning please let the staff know on arrival.
Families of veterans will be given access to an area close to the service on production of valid tickets.
An area has been set aside for the families of those who died in the conflict who will be invited to lay a flower at the memorial during the reading of the roll call
Arrangements are in hand to contact these families but if you can help with current names and contact details the Falkland Veterans Foundation who are associated with SAMA would be glad to hear from you.
Gosport Borough Staff will be on hand at the Ferry Gardens to assist ticket holders as necessary.

Access and Parking
Access to the area reserved for families of Veterans for the service at Falkland Gardens and the reception on Walpole Park will be by ticket only and space is limited.
Some limited car parking has been set aside for veterans in a short stay car park close to the event. Once again access to this area will be restricted and entry will only be permitted on production of a valid ticket.
There is a charge for parking in ALL car parks in the Town centre however, time allowed in this short stay park has been extended and will cost only 50pence for the duration of the service and up until 1415 on Sunday 27th May for Veterans and pass holders only. This car park has also been designated for disabled and permit holders. Other Car parks are available within walking distance of the Gardens and additional parking will be provided as overflow on Walpole Park South should it be needed.

Tickets for Access
Tickets for the event are being handled by the Falkland Veterans Foundation and details can be found by E Mail at [email protected] One ticket will gain entry for one person only into the restricted areas so Veteran +partner and 2 guests will require 4 tickets. Because of space limitations, there is a limit on the number of guests who may be invited, contact the FVF for more details.

The Reception
On completion of the March Past a reception for Veterans and Military Freemen and guests will be hosted by the Mayor and Councillors of the Borough Council on Walpole Park. Entry will be restricted to ticket holders only. Tea, coffee and juice will be available. A cash bar will operate within the marquee area. The reception is expected to end at approx 1400.

Timetable of Events
1000 Veterans gather at the Bus Station
1020 Official guests not in the procession leave the Town Hall for Falkland Gardens.
1025 Last ferry arrives at Gosport from Portsmouth
RM band and Guard muster at the Town Hall
1030 Veterans and Military Freemen March onto the Esplanade de Royan from bus station
RM Band and Guard step off from Town Hall
1035 Mayoral party leaves the Town Hall
1050 Mayoral party arrives at Ferry Gardens
1050 Rear Admiral Parry leaves Town Hall by car, greeted by the Mayor on arrival at Ferry gardens
1055 General salute by guard and band
1100 Service of Commemoration
Reading of the Roll Call
Laying of Floral tributes
o/c Mayoral party process to the Town Hall to receive the salute
1200 approx The parade led by Her Majesty’s Royal Marines School of Music will lead the March Past and salute.
o/c Reception for Veterans and Military Freemen on Walpole Park hosted by The Worshipful Mayor of Gosport and Council

SATURDAY 26th MAY 2012
The FVF are providing facilities for veterans to meet on Saturday 26th May. The Warrant Officers mess at HMS SULTAN will be open from 1600 to 2300 for all Veterans and families. There will be a variety of entertainment and a bar will be open throughout. Food outlets may be provided if numbers are sufficient. A small charge of £5 will be levied to cover hire and staff. To register for this event please email: [email protected] as a guest list must be prepared for entry to HMS SULTAN.

AND FINALLY if you have any queries regarding attendance at this event please contact Derek (Smokey) Cole on Tel No 023 9251 1582 or 07850 793776 or Councillor Derek Kimber on 023 9255 2151

Why not visit the Falkland Exhibitions at the Submarine Museum or the Discovery Centre (Main Library) or at Explosion The home of Naval Gun Fire. All these attractions are within walking distance of the Gosport Ferry. For more information visit the Gosport Borough Council website for links.
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