Falklands 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Father_Famine, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    Anyone else going to Smoke this weekend for the 25th Anniversary P*ss-up, sorry I meant Celebrations (well they go together don't they)

    I am coming down (as opposed to coming out) on Friday afternoon on train with SWMBO + son :dwarf: and a carry out.

    Carry out is now a couple of bottles of Pinot Grigio in Wine Chiller & glasses, not case of McEwans (my how we've come on) :boogie:

    Any serving matelots on here attending, I believe your rehearsals are at 04:30, if there are can you tell us what the Vets are doing.

    Replies about large Rubber Gloves and cows ********* will be given a good ignoring to. :toilet:

  2. I'll be there, just did a collection at Whitehaven Rugby League club & raised £340 towards the pilgrimage fund.
  3. I shall be there and going up to London on the Saturday. Am going to the rugby match at The Stoop later in the afternoon.

    Hoping to meet up with a few peeps and hang one on Saturday night.
  4. one always goes up to London not down

    I'm struggling to raise funds for this occation, but might make it you never know
  5. Chockhead:

    Well done (Ginge?) Sorry can't make it to Carlisle on Thursday, tried this morning to get day off, but, I have to attend monthly meetings pm. :read:

    Womps: When you live on the northern reaches of civilisation, before crossing over the wall into the frozen no mans land they call Hibernia.
    We say DOWN to London. :crazy:

    Sorry for late reply, boy with cleft stick (who passes my messages to nearest WirelessTelegraphy Station) is complaining about the number of Donkey Carts on the track. Sent him off with a thick ear :thumbdown:

    Have warned Mr Stephenson to get the fires going under T'Rocket well handy on Friday Morning as I have an appointment with destiny (One of the nicer angels I think) :angel12:
  6. FF

    A few of us are meeting up at CHANDOS just off Trafalgar Square on the Friday Night, then attending the rugby on the Saturday.

    Let me know if your interested

  7. Cheers for the offer, but, I am booked on the SAMA Wales Boat trip on Saturday Afternoon, (wife not so keen on rugby), :blob4:

    Thought the Taffs would need a few matelots onboard to man the bar in case it gets rough :pukel: :pukel:
  8. Just seen the RM reject theatre dancing ponce doing the Queens Rep bit down south for Galahads' wreath laying. I cant believe hes got the nerve to wear a Naval Uniform.
  9. But to give him credit he had the guts to attempt Commando training, which is more than I have ever had! :thumright:
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Attempt is the right word, that waste of space took a birth up of someone who was superior to him in every aspect, the nameless person is probably a pongo around the rank of colonel now. What a tosser young edward was.
  11. I think as he's still breathing that should be IS, mate :thumright:
    Glad my taxes don't contribute to the O2 thief's upkeep anymore, oh unless he decides to come down and advise the NZ National Theatre on set decoration.
    I suppose he was the only member of the Firm who really was excess baggage and could therefore be 'drafted' South by the Boss (Phil was probably glad to be rid of him as well).

  12. I think that I still have my Exmouth Royal Marine T-Shirt stashed somewhere - On the front is a picture of a Frog wearing a Green Beret with the immortal words "You Can Turn A Frog Into A Prince But You Can't Turn A Prince Into A Commando" :thumright:

  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    He's recently been appointed Commodore in Chief of the RFA. No commando training required to wear that 'naval' uniform. He gets four rings rather than a commodore's fat single.

    Sounds fair. Plent unmilitary Royals have become Colonels in Chief of Army Regiments.
  14. Regardless of Edward being a knob, at least a Royal is there representing HM (and thats what really matters) and it hasnt been left to the Governor (the official HM representative) to pay tribute to the brave men and women involved in the conflict.
  15. Up here already.
    Moored at Greenwich if any one wants to wave to us

  16. looked good on TV yesterday going through the Thames Barrier. Maeks you feel proud to be in the RN.
  17. I only found out about the march two weeks ago but it was already over subscribed. Then Admiral Sir Alan West is on Andrew Marr's show on Sunday saying veterans have an opportunity to march.
    Well, only if they got their name down early enough.
    They were quick enough to send us down there 25 years ago but unable to afford everyone who would like to show respect for our fallen comerades to do so. Even the Veterans website has the blurb that they want as many veterans as possible to march.

    Bitterly disappointed.
  18. Now you tell me Fish where you are, too late to get to drink your tot! I shall be there, my wife has just sewn on my late fathers Combined Operations badge to my Blazer. He was out at D Day in '44 as a 17 year old & celebrated his 18th Birthday on the beaches. Fitting as I was on/in (pays yer money etc) the Fearless under her Combined Ops badge. Is there anybody else wearing their Fathers Medals as well on the day? Can we get by with our Naval beret & badge or is that frowned on?(I have enough gear in the loft to outfit the present Fleet). Going up by Train to Waterloo. Quite what we are doing before the march (whilst family is sat in the stands) I have yet to ascertain. Hurry up & wait I suspect.
  19. The following EDM (Early Day Motion) has been tabled in the House of Commons.

    EDM 1685

    Falkland Islands Liberation Day

    (In the name of David Cameron)

    Made: 13.6.07

    That this House notes that 14th June is Falkland Islands Liberation Day; recalls the enormous courage and determination of Her Majesty's armed forces in liberating the Islands; pays tribute to the inspirational leadership of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who, with the support of Parliament, helped restore the Islanders' democratic way of life; remains resolutely dedicated to strengthening the historic ties between Britain and the Falkland Islands; reaffirms Britain's sovereignty over the Falkland Islands and her commitment to defend their right to choose their own future; and acknowledges with deep gratitude the sacrifice of 255 men who gave their lives for this cause.

    It has 116 signatures to date: listed below in alphabetical order.

    source: http://edmi.parliament.uk/EDMi/EDMDetails.aspx?EDMID=33502&SESSION=885

    Afriyie, Adam
    Ainsworth, Peter
    Amess, David
    Ancram, Michael
    Atkinson, Peter
    Baldry, Tony
    Barker, Gregory
    Baron, John
    Bellingham, Henry
    Benyon, Richard
    Bone, Peter
    Brady, Graham
    Brazier, Julian
    Breed, Colin
    Browning, Angela
    Burns, Simon
    Cameron, David
    Clark, Greg
    Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey
    Cormack, Patrick
    Davies, Philip
    Djanogly, Jonathan
    Duncan Smith, Iain
    Dunne, Philip
    Fabricant, Michael
    Fallon, Michael
    Field, Mark
    Fox, Liam
    Francois, Mark
    Fraser, Christopher
    Gauke, David
    Gibb, Nick
    Gillan, Cheryl
    Goodman, Paul
    Goodwill, Robert
    Gove, Michael
    Gray, James
    Green, Damian
    Greening, Justine
    Grieve, Dominic
    Gummer, John
    Hague, William
    Hammond, Philip
    Hammond, Stephen
    Hands, Greg
    Harper, Mark
    Hayes, John
    Heald, Oliver
    Heathcoat-Amory, David
    Hendry, Charles
    Herbert, Nick
    Hoban, Mark
    Holloway, Adam
    Horam, John
    Howarth, Gerald
    Hunt, Jeremy
    Hurd, Nick
    Jack, Michael
    Jackson, Stewart
    Jenkin, Bernard
    Kawczynski, Daniel
    Kirkbride, Julie
    Knight, Greg
    Lancaster, Mark
    Lansley, Andrew
    Lewis, Julian
    Liddell-Grainger, Ian
    Lilley, Peter
    Luff, Peter
    MacKay, Andrew
    Malins, Humfrey
    May, Theresa
    McIntosh, Anne
    McLoughlin, Patrick
    Miller, Maria
    Mitchell, Andrew
    Murrison, Andrew
    Neill, Bob
    Newmark, Brooks
    O'Brien, Stephen
    Osborne, George
    Paice, James
    Paisley, Ian
    Pelling, Andrew
    Penning, Mike
    Prisk, Mark
    Pritchard, Mark
    Randall, John
    Redwood, John
    Rifkind, Malcolm
    Robathan, Andrew
    Robertson, Laurence
    Rosindell, Andrew
    Ruffley, David
    Scott, Lee
    Selous, Andrew
    Simpson, Keith
    Soames, Nicholas
    Spelman, Caroline
    Steen, Anthony
    Swayne, Desmond
    Swire, Hugo
    Syms, Robert
    Tyrie, Andrew
    Vaizey, Edward
    Viggers, Peter
    Walker, Charles
    Wallace, Ben
    Waterson, Nigel
    Watkinson, Angela
    Whittingdale, John
    Wiggin, Bill
    Willetts, David
    Wilson, Robert
    Wright, Jeremy
    Yeo, Tim

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