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Falklands 25 Years - No RN Fixed Wing


Lantern Swinger
Seems there is to be a mega commemoration this year to mark above anniversary. As usual there will be a military flypast over London.

Allegedly there will be no RN Harriers overhead as the RAF are vetoing single-engined a/c over the capital... but the RAF Red Arrows have nine engines... So that'll be alright then?
Its supposed to be aircraft that took part in the Falklands!
so no pussers Seaking ASW,Shar,Wasp or Wessie, we didnt have the AEW so they shouldn't be there.

So the Navy will provide a couple of Lynx.:)
So apart from a couple of Crab pilots who were on Naval Squadrons during the war, ( I won't even mention the very expensive BlackBuck, I still laugh at that, all that way and missed the Fcuking target. :lol: :lol: :lol: )
We won't have any naval Aircraft? :sad: Shameful!
Diabolical that a couple of SHARs can't be redied from retirement, considering the amount of money that will be lavished on 'dignatories and hanger-ons'
It's not the RAF that write the rules concerning single-engine aircraft over the capital. The Reds have an exemption as a "special case" (so the dear old Queen can see them on special occasions etc).
But hey, let's not let the truth get in the way of a spot of crab-bashing.... :roll:
Lots of types planed including “typhoon†The squadron “number†counts as well – So Merlin will be there as well.(820 /829- formally wasp, sk5) I saw a dit that had a Vulcan in it but don’t think they have got that flying again yet. (well it would probably miss the RV anyway)
Crabs will be flying there on the day and travelling 8,000 miles only to end up in Tooting instead of The Mall as they always miss the target. :)
Im drunk at the moment so am probably talking shti but I would like to repl to the RAF. Down South us boonecks had faith in jack Full stop. Jack got us there, defended us as best they could when we got there, lifted our wounded and brought 1o5 and 81 rounds to our support guys when we really needed them (even though the guns had practically run out of ammo at the end). So where were the RAF? I'm sorry but my experience of air support ranges from putting a strobe out on an NI border in the 70s (then running 3 miles in the dark on a compass bearing to the real PUP!) to the FI. And I have to say I have only ever seen Navy. It's interesting that the Navy squadrons supporting RM in the Stan have flown more more osrties and dropped mor munitions in support or commandos than the RAF ever did for the Army. Why is that? As a Navy pilot put it to me in NI "you're one of us" and as they put it to Rm in the Stan, "You're one of us, and that's all that counts". I pity the Army and their reliance on RAF support. Too much? Unfair? There is a history here that is demonstrable: Navy pilots put themselves on the line for their marines, the RAF do not.
I'm with you there RM2PHD, my experiance of Ireland is forever having the RAF declaring "no fly days" and then seeing them fly over taking some bint on a jolly, leaving you with a 25k walk home, or saying "it's foggy" and refusing to fly but Jack would always turn up whatever the weather, bless 'em.
Trouble is with the crabs is their 'crew time'. I can't recall the number of times we picked up on their tasking as well as our own in NI. Apparently their crew time starts when they sign for the aircraft, so they sign very early, f~~k off down the mess for a wet, by which time they've wasted two hours!

Lazy b*stards, deplorable especially when lives are on the line. Remember this, my bootneck friends, you can always rely on the Junglies.
Lets not forget our side walking friends managed to put a Harrier in the catwalk of Hermes!.
I will never forget the look on their faces when they got to the accomadation, they had flak jackets, tin helmets the works & what did us chockheads on the deck have foulies & ovies!

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