Falkland vets?

Without meaning to be rude, it took me nearly 10 years to talk to people I love and trust about my experiences down south in '82, so you can guess how much I would love to talk to a complete stranger about the subject.
There are plenty of books to read,, there's a good one by my ex-skipper called "Four weeks in May", that will give you some insight.
Not a problem, but sometimes you can get into hot water if you are not careful. I do talk about it sometimes, but only usually with people I know well and feel comfortable with.
Read some of the books written by people out there, another good one is "Through fire and water" about HMS Ardent.....


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No books about 45 in print (That I know of)! Suggest you read some of the following:-

No Picnic

Razors Edge

Kiss me goodnight Sgt Major? Can't remember the proper title.

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