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Falkland Ship


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Wow, HMS Clyde appears to have morphed into a Bay class RFA.

HMS Clyde was refused permission to stop in Rio
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These visits are planned months in advance. Diplomatic Clearance has to be sought as well as domestic arrangements. Mail, food, beer tokens, blah blah!!! I'm sure the door wasn't slammed in their faces as intimated. Diplomats and ambassadors would have been well aware of what was happening.

So I think this is the usual newsmen making more out of nothing. Not saying the visit wasn't allowed but not to the dramatic extent reported.


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They will be getting a run ashore in Chile, cheaper, safer and far better than Rio anyday
Quite good news really. It might inject a bit of reality into the life of a Defence blind Government. Remind me how much oil's supposed to be down there?

If Chile is eventually coerced into South American solidarity, CLYDE Upkeep will be interesting; especially if she's now grown to BAY size!


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I was talking to Baldrick about this yesterday and we have a cunning plan.

If we can quickly (and sneakily) change the names between HMS Ark Royal (while she still floats) and HMS Dasher (or similar) with a bit of crayon and some cardboard the MoD would then proceed to scrap a P2000 and keep an aircraft carrier for the URNU (but available at short notice for other stuff as required). They wouldn't realise their mistake for a few years till they started an enquiry into soaring maintenance costs for the URNU (though thinking about it they may even go down!) by which time the financial crisis would be behind us and a grateful nation would bestow honours and other gongs on those behind the scheme (eg me and Baldrick plus any helpers).

And it doesn't have to stop there.

I reckon we could be on to something because the Gubbermint are too busy with student protests and Coalition in-fighting to actually know what our ships look like and sure as eggs is eggs the media wouldn't pick up on it as we have already seen from the Telegraph gaff (Desmond Wettern must be turning in his grave) the important thing is not to let anyone know ..... Doh!


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Waspie-the door was very much slammed in the face. The new government in Brasil only took over a couple of days before Clyde sailed.Slim-Clyde didn't go to Chile it went straight back to Mare Harbour.
The comments section was....interesting on that article. Loved the apparently 'Brazilian' troll who was going on about how Brazil rules all South Amerian antions and will sweep Britain off the map in conflict. And the other interesting comments.

None of them noticed the........mutating ship which amused me
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