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I wonder if people could sign up to this petition to acknowledge the bravery & assistance the Falkland Islanders gave to the forces in 1982 & their continuing support for the veterans who return.
Hopefully akin to the award Malta was given during WW2.


Falklands Award


I will acknowledge it but it was not the same level,im a Falkland veteran it was more a inconvenience than any thing else,Malta was survival,and thats no disrespect to any one who was there ,or our friends who died ,ma be be we should have a medal from the Falklander islands government we went we conqured now we suffer
F174 1982
:dwarf: Will deffo sign up to the petition but as was mentioned just now, there is no comparison with Malta in WWII. The defenders and Islanders were under seige and the threat of invasion for several years and were almost bombed out of existance with many lives lost, their heroism is recognised by the award of the George Cross, never before given to a Nation and so well deserved.

I went to the Falklands on 3 occasions both at sea and ashore and saw the immediate aftermath of the conflict and although there was some damage to buildings and houses and some loss of life and without deriding the efforts of the locals in assisting us against the Argentines, they suffered but not in the same way as others did and do in greater conflicts.

All signed up. HB. :w00t:


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i think the Falkland island governement should issue a medal to those who were prepared to die,i did my duty i was honoured by my governent never honored by the poeple we saved


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i think the Falkland island governement should issue a medal to those who were prepared to die,i did my duty i was honoured by my governent never honored by the poeple we saved
I want to know if an American's signature would be welcome. If so, then send me a private message as I am a newbie here and don't get email notification yet of any replies.

I'm not a midshipmen as my profile implies and my avatar has not caught up with me. Bare with me.


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Leatherneck: By it's definition, anyone can sign the petition - the more the merrier! (And if some rumours were true, there were some Americans in the FI in '82 anyway...) :wink:

As for your RR rank, that relates to the number of posts you make; the more you post, the higher the rank. And your avatar seems to be working fine, Peter Parker! :thumright:
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