Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Purple_twiglet, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    All Falklands threads will end up in here - any O/T stuff will be deleted.

  2. There is nothing to discuss....that was all done in 1982
  3. Why do we need to discuss some Scottish Islands?
  4. So why aren't the other two merged threads here then.
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    They were locked down due to being hijacked - this is take 3!
  6. Anyhow, back on topic.

    Im not certain wether this has been posted before or not, but hillary is siding with argentina ?

    Clicky, Click

    Now, with this statement i could not agree more with other members of RR's views on this, as to us being ' sh*t upon from a very great height '

    Some ' special relation ' . . .
  7. This is an interesting conundrum for a political lightweight such as Barrack Obama, although just over a year ago he was swaning around the globe to almost Beatle like adoration now he is the President of the US his charm has waned a lot.

    The South American states in particular have taken him to task on many issues that they perceive to be directly related to the prosperity of that region and to try and take the heat off them as leaders in that region, after all it is much easier to blame the US than take responsibility. Mr. Obama of course hasn’t helped his cause by sending Hilary to do his dirty work, to be honest in my opinion they deserve each other, he is nothing but an overdressed Tony Blair light and she is Clair Short with PMS.

    Regarding the Falklands the pair of them are groping in the dark, they don’t want to upset South America as the US imports a huge amount of oil from Venezuela and produce from every country in SA, along with many US companies that have outsourced production and jobs to the Southern states. So upsetting them is politically and financially a minefield. The “Special Relationship†is far more relevant to the UK than the US, nobody in the USA speaks of such a thing yet you hear it all over in the UK. Domestically Obama needs to protect himself from the potential political fall out of this and with the Hispanic population outstripping every other the “safest†road for him is try and play both sides and hope a solution presents itself.

    After all this if push really came to shove I think the US would come down firmly on the side of Britain, especially if Argentina really tried to invade.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm off down South very soon. Frankly I'm more worried that PT is now a MOD than I am that Argentina will go to war again, when did that happen? :)
  9. The latest on this seems to be; http://www.metro.co.uk/news/817918-argentina-threatens-to-ban-trade-operators-in-the-falklands?

  10. Surely Tony Bliar "Dark" :D
  12. Argie problems etc

    Now that Argentina is threatening to bar UK firms from it's country,is it not time that we stepped up our posture re. the same?
    I have no knowledge of our current ground to air missiles/ ground to ship missiles[which are they now?] and if they can be jammed or not but,we should ring the Falklands with batteries of these plus a battle group from Germany.
    Surface ships are an invited target but some are needed [if we have any!]
    I reckon it's time to show a few teeth and tell the Argies “Fire up again and this time the gloves will be off and your country will be a targetâ€
    Chile may not be able to help this time,we must make provision for greater forces deployed.
    Also kick out all Argie owned businesses here if they do as they have threatened with our businesses there.
    I'm a great believer of like for like international agreements,threaten us and you get the same back and no holds barred.
    It may be an over the top view but we can't let countries threaten us without the old bulldog coming back at them,except Broon is no bulldog[well maybe one chewing a wasp] and neither is Cameron or Clegg on the surface.
    We do need a ring of missile batteries down there as we can expect no support from the out of depth appeaser that is in charge of the White House.
    I went to the USA last year to see my son and his American wife,in the taxi from the airport the driver complimented me on my good English! they have no idea the UK exists in a lot of the country.
    On another point did you see the programme last week where we give hundreds of millions each year in aid to India whilst they buy all their defence equipment from Russia and are in the space race?Are we mad whilst our aged suffer?
    I'm just off next door to tell the widow woman that the hundreds of millions in taxes we gave to the Hadron Collider will bear fruit this month as the two beams are set to collide!
    Like me she won't give a shit how the universe was made,she just wants a comfortable life now.
    Sunday morning rant over but valid IMO.
    I'm off to the pub to discuss Quantum Physics whatever that is[and there is a stripper on]
  13. Re: Argie problems etc

    I too am with you on the amount of aid UK PLC gives other countries when there are people at home who could well do with it first.

    The days of patriotic bulldog stuff are long gone. The Common Purpose, Marxist, PC brigade are in charge and they would say that sending more arms down to the Falklands would be seen as an aggressive confrontational move escalation blah de blah de.

    Me? Send it.
  14. Re: Argie problems etc

    Why Germany? Are the pongos on the Rhine sat around doing **** all? I think not.
  15. Re: Argie problems etc

    I think everyone should calm down and not get too excited over this little piece of cock waving which will come to nothing.
  16. Re: Argie problems etc

    Monty we love waving our cocks!
  17. Re: Argie problems etc

    We do indeed my friend, in fact I have some interesting NVG footage of me waving mine around last week.
  18. Re: Argie problems etc

    Chinook impressions are the best.

    As for the topic. I doubt anything will come from it
  19. Re: Argie problems etc

    I just cant see them invading again. They got a good kicking last time and i dont see any reason to believe it would be any easier for them doing it again now.

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