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Falkland Island Chapel


War Hero
I found this on 'tinterweb. Wonder if it is 'our' RatsRoden? If so, then power to his elbow - as they say!

So as a lot of people that know me are aware either on FB or Family I've got a screw or Two loose.

So I've decided to try and Raise 5k for the FI Chapel.

I'm going to be doing 5 X challenges, the first will be my first Triathlon, then a Summer Wolf Run, followed by a trip down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, the Fifth event is waiting to be Finalized, but I'm after ideas for the fourth event, (all ideas considered ).

If I can raise the 5k it's going to be used to purchase a Falklands Bench, with all the name's of the Lads that didn't come home as well as the FI civilians that were KIA.

The rest is going to the FI Chapel, to assist in helping 82 lads that would like to attend but may have fallen on hard times.

I'll be putting up "giving pages" in the New Year and hoping that the FB congregation as well as Friends and Family will support me.

I'll be doing some of the event's with my Daughter, son-in-law and hopefully a few Muckers for the team event's.

So let's hope we can pull together, and raise the money needed for both project's.

I'll be letting you all know date's and timings.

Regards XXXX

(Rat's Roden)

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