faking your daughter's kidnapping for cash.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dunkers, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bradford/7336803.stm

    So, Shannon Matthew's mother is being investigated by police for allegedly seeking money from the McCanns' fund to "help find" her 9 year old daughter.

    Meanwhile, one of the girl's relatives (her stepdad's uncle) has been arrested for abducting her. The mother has also been arrested for "perverting the course of justice" - for instance, by knowing where her daughter was all along, and not telling police...

    I'm running a book on the parents being found guilty of faking Shannon's "kidnapping" so that they could screw money out of the McCanns. Conspiracy, anyone? :thumright:
  2. What odds are you offering? evens on? :evil4:
  3. that is f*ck all - ive just buried my cat in a shoe box under the patio.

    i shall be ringing The Cats Protection League tomorrow for "assistance"
  4. Nail and Head me thinks

    can you have evens on - isnt it just evens

  6. I don't Know, but what ever the odds are you'll not get much money back.

  7. ..just had a text about this (suppose you've heard it by now)..

    West Yorkshire Police have been questioning Shannon Matthews mum.Not about why Shannon disappeared, but how the fcuk she got five different men to shag her!!

  8. just spat balvenie into my keyboard

    just to clear things up balvenie is a whisky not my gay lover
  9. how about these beauts then

    What do Shannon Matthews and porn magazines have in common?

    They both get shoved under the bed after you've wanked over them!

    A local paedophile ring has made the unprecedented step of issuing a statement after being accused of hiding Shannon Matthews for two weeks.

    They said 'Fuck off - we do have some standards you know'

    I'm not surprised Craig Meehan has child porn on his computer...

    Well you try wanking over shannon matthews.
  10. The way the youngsters are walking the streets these days pissed up would these loving parents know if they woz kidnapped. Reason being the parents are pissed up 24/7.

    How they keep a job down is beyond me.

    Meanwhile in the Republic.

    The Gardai are now taking more of the road these days in the morning rush with the breathalyser than the night before. So taking the taxi home does not work!! Drink milk you know it makes sense!
  11. Those "parents" should be keelhauled.
  12. So how much is this going to cost to keep her and her latest "husband" in proison for x months or years, plus the cost of keeping the kids in care, which will result in them turning out like her?
  13. Strange characters involved in this case.

    The blokes look gormless and the women look like blokes.

    I looked at Karen Matthews and I thought "IS IT ME?"
  14. you have a gay lover?
  15. Best thing to do with Balvenie, is spit.
  16. I was going just to as if the gay lovers name wasn't Balvenie what was it.
  17. Good job you weren't drinking Johnnie then!!

  18. It wasnt me but we ve all probably done worse (10 pints +) and you wouldnt wipe your knob in her curtains as they are fcuking minging I guess? :rendeer:
  19. Backpacker1uk wrote :

    'How they keep a job down is beyond me'.

    I take it you are monumentally taking the piss, sir ?

    Go and drink your milk.
  20. I'm innocent.... though I agree that Balvenie is OK.... but not as nice as Port Ellen or say Glenturret! :drool:

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