Fake Olympics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by onions, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. With China being a hot bed of fake or counterfeit goods, and that aspects of the opening ceremony firework display were computer generated, plus the little girl who "sang", was in fact miming, and crowds being bussed in to fill half empty stadia, will these games be known as the "Fake" games?

    Semper Strenuissima
  2. No, its definelty in China, see it on telly in color
  3. Can't. Mine's an English telly and doesn't do color.
  4. They should never have been give the games in the first place, total disgrace.
  5. Fake fireworks in China!!!!!!!
    The CGI must have been more expensive than the actual fireworks would have been. Probably just trying to show the rest of the world how advanced they are!
  6. I doubt those attending the British Olympics will even make it that far, as the London public transport system won't be able to cope. It has great difficulty coping with its current commuters. Interestingly my local authority (Bromley) has just raised the monthly shop rental rates in the town I live in from £800 a month to £1800 a month. Loads of small businesses are closing as a result. I have heard a buzz that this is what the council want, so they can use the land to build housing to accommodate the athletes, etc during the 2012 Olympics. Let's hope the railways have sufficient investment (without fares rocketing for the regular customers) to enable them to get into London in the first place.

    Which ever political party is in power in 2012 is going to have egg all over its proverbial face when the athletes etc cannot get into London because of the frequent point failures (overheating/underheating/leaves/wrong sort of rain, etc). The present points system cannot cope with fine drizzle, for instance.
  7. That was 'wrong type of snow' - they haven't thought up one for rain yet. :)
  8. Ah; but points do make prizes!

    Cornishgolfer. It's a play on words that doesn't quite work with "switches".
  9. Loggie, several people fell for it tho!

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