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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Peter Carroll, founder of FairFuelUK said,‘Diesel is at its highest price ever recorded and this failure to act is a devastating blow to families and businesses. Poll after poll has set out that this is the number one priority for the UK. Millions have people and thousands of businesses will feel ignored. We gave the Government evidence based on its own model that a cut in fuel duty would not cost it any revenue overall. Our supporters will be astonished that the Government has cut the 50p rate because ‘it damages the economy' but will not tackle fuel duty when it's crippling the economy'.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Carroll, the rise due to take place this August is sheer lunacy.

    If you wish to add your name to the protest the click here.
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  2. The government cares not a fishes tit about the cost of fuel as it is raking in billions from fuel duty and VAT further to which there is to be further rise in fuel duty of 3p per litre in August regardless of any other rises.If I thought signing the petition would bring about any change I would sign it but it won't so I won't.

  3. Time alone and a petition with 1 million names on will tell.
  4. Such optimism. I presume you've got your letter to Santa written already?
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  5. Optimism is good, power to the people.
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  7. Snigger; isn't that something that little girls do when they are unsure of exactly what is going on?

    Anyway don't worry as I can easily afford to fill up my oil burner. Those who won't for whatever reason add their names to the petition typify the British subservient mentality, we don't like being shafted but we can't do anything about it.
  8. Well I signed up, it may not achieve anything but not signing will definitely not achieve anything.
    time for letters to MPs as well on this subject, once again those who have to use their cars to get to work are being hit (not me I'm retired), this is yet another tax on jobs, time to hit the feckless long term unemployed who soon will have to exist on £26000 per year.
  9. As you say slim, It's better to have fought and lost than never to have fought at all.
  10. No, snigger" is what Muttley does behind Dick Dastardley's back - I think you are referring to "Titter" (also associated with Frankie Howerd)
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    Here's a thought for you all.

    Down 'ere all diesel vehicles use a "hubometer". Trucks, tractors, ute's, mini's, bmw's etc. There's no such thing as red diesel.

    You buy your road users charge, say in 5000 km tickets, this is measured by your hubometer. Diesel costs $1.57 a litre (approx 80 pence)

    "Fuel prices rose for the first time in a fortnight on 14 March, with petrol up 3 cents per litre and diesel up 2c. At $2.20/litre for 91 octane, petrol prices are perilously close to the record high of $2.22/litre in May 2011, although diesel prices at $1.57/litre are still some way off the record $1.92/litre in July 2008 when oil prices spiked at US$144/barrel."

    Source.. AA PetrolWatch - For Regular Petrol and Diesel Price Updates - aa.co.nz

    The more you use the roads the more you pay. Seems fair to me and doesn't hammer the average joe pottering around town

    Road user charges...Road user charges | NZ Transport Agency
  12. Been aware of (and signed up for) FairFuel UK for quite some considerable time. Mainly as I think they have the right idea.

    Interesting to note that Obama told Cameron on his recent trip over the pond that if Cameron released the stocks of oil the Govt was sat on it would reduce the price of fuel which made me wonder just how much oil reserves the Govt is sat on. Latest reports is that there is still more than half the oil / gas under the North Sea. We've got the highest fuel duty in Europe ... not sure about the rest of the world but must be one of the highest.

    At any one time there are 12 supertankers sat off the coast of the UK fully loaded with oil just waiting for the price to go up! There's three off the coast of the Isle of Wight at the moment and they haven't moved for weeks! Having said that a mate of mine works at Fawley oil refinery and tells me that half the Cracker plants there are U/S and the others only working at half capacity due to malfunctions and lack of maintenance - so wonder about the rest of the refineries. Just how effective are they running?

    Yes the Govt are creaming off billions in revenue form fuel duty but the oil companies are also doing their level best to keep production limited by running the refineries less than efficiently and keeping a large stock off shore which also keeps prices at a premium!

    The problem is that the world is reliant on oil for so many things (not just fuel) which is going to bang the price up so its impossible to boycott so I guess we're stuck with it!

    As for what I drive ... just down sized to a Fiat 500 for the run about so getting over 60mpg instead of 45 in the old car ... and the road tax is £30 a year! Bargain!

  13. Now that seems fair to me but it is far too logical a solution for the string of buffoons in charge that we have and had over here.
  14. Personally I can't see why it would be so bad to bump up fuel tax even further but withdraw Road Tax discs.

    The more you drive (or the bigger the car) the more fuel you use; the more fuel you use the more you pay as a "driver contribution" to the public purse.

    Withdrawing Road Tax would cut an administrative headache, remove tax dodgers from the roads (because there wouldn't be a tax to dodge) and make it fairer on those who use their vehicles infrequently (like a weekly shopping trip or to bimble off to church or whatever).

    The government could build in some form of rural rebate for petrol stations in rural areas where public transport alternatives are limited (perhaps based on Post Code).

    Foreign drivers would not be allowed to use our roads without contributing in equal measure to their upkeep (through fuel costs) - I could go on forever except I am getting bored by what seems to me to be a very sensible and simple strategy.
  15. Broadside, that's how it works here in Jersey, probably in Guernsey but am too lazy to find out. The disks displayed in vehicle wndows are insurance disks.
  16. The words "sensible" and "simple" have been bandied about since when has any UK government taken those as their watchwords.The one thing that would be put forward against abandoning Road Tax and increasing the Fuel Duty to cover it is that almost everything we consume as a society gets to it's destination by road transport which means it would undoubtedly put up inflation and the cost of goods generally.I know Trucks have to pay Road Tax and plenty of it but they also do big miles so whether it would be cheaper for them is for cleverer people than me to work out and if it was would the saving be passed on.
  17. The thing about commercial vehicles is that, normally, when they are moving they are earning. They are expensive bits of kit to have idle but if, for any reason, they are idle the costs of Road Tax duty still have to be paid - not so if the tax is all levied on motion lotion. One more thing to think about for commercial vehicles - businesses can reclaim the VAT component from fuel used - I can't be certain but I don't think vehicle excise duty is VAT-able.

    I don't know what the answer is but I am pretty sure it isn't the business model that is currently in place.
  18. Truck operaters are able to reclaim VAT on their fuel purchases but VAT is levied against the cost including Fuel Duty so it is a tax on a tax.

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