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  1. Say a UY was heading to BRNC is it frowned apon to bring things that are more readily available to you i.e shed loads of spare kit to use as presentation kit or bulled pussers shoes?
  2. Shows initiative, problem is where to hide the kit when not in use
  3. I think you better ask an UY heading for BRNC, I imagine someone like that would be good with this kind of moral decision making....... Is it a mate of yours going? =\\\\\\\\

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  4. yes a *cough* mate, a mate who goes by the adage "more kip,less trip"
  5. You could argue that taking more kit is using your initiative, or you could just follow what the kit list tells you and show you can follow clear instructions

  6. 2ool are you suggesting he argues with himself about it, his "mate" or the Training staff?

    As UY his mate will have some form of prior experience of following clear instructions. One would hope.:toothy10:
  7. Maybe he's thinking that if his kit is good early on he can help others, although being a bit of a dick he probably wont.
  8. If you were on the staff at BRNC, what would you expect the incoming UY/SUY to do?

    Just out of interest are ratings shoes/boots (stand fast steaming batts) the same style/cut as Hossifers?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Why not take it a step further and send a cardboard cut out image of oneself to BRNC with a tape recorder fitted in case there's anything you need to know?
  10. A tape rcorder?

    Is that something akin to a gramophone player? ^~
  11. Gramophone?.. oh you mean the phonograph
  12. Why wouldn't you take kit you already had? I took my cap because it was comfortable and a lot better than the crap new one they gave me. I also took my old, already shiny shoes. Why waste time bulling shoes if you don't need to?
    Not that I would've done anyway. Leather lustre is the way ahead.

    The No1 shoes that get heeled for you are different, but nobody noticed that fat that I was wearing my old Chiefs shoes the rest of the time.

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